Treasure Islands. Canary Islands: a new look at family vacations

Treasure Islands. Canary Islands: a new look at family vacations

Treasure Islands. Canary Islands: a new look at family vacations

Not so long ago, a beach holiday seemed to many to be the height of bliss. Still: hot sun, hot sand, gentle waves, cocktails in the bar - what else do you need ?! But the years have passed, children have appeared and have grown up, popular resorts have become boring, and now the prospect of lying on the seashore day after day does not seem so bright ... Moreover: memories of a tourist childhood evoke nostalgia: a tent, a fire, a road - all this seems so fascinating ! Here's just how to convince the rest of the family members, accustomed to comfort?

Yes, most of us are unlikely to succeed in luring home in the Himalayas or Altai: the Spartan lifestyle and heavy loads do not seem to everyone to be suitable companions for recreation. And we must honestly admit: despite the romantic memories of the pioneer childhood, a real trip is still not a pleasure trip. A strained back and worn legs are not at all what I would like to return home with after an honestly earned vacation..
But, fortunately, Russians are far from the first to face this dilemma. You can turn your family vacation into an active and exciting adventure! At least in the amazing Canary Islands they learned to do it perfectly..

Forward to adventure!

For those who have forgotten the geography, it is worth recalling: the Canary Islands are an archipelago of seven volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the northwestern coast of Africa. A wonderful climate, noted by many experts as «the best climate in the world» , makes the islands ideal for a beach holiday. And, of course, here it is quite possible to be satisfied with the usual set of tourist joys: delicious local cuisine, excellent service, interesting and varied entertainment programs..

However, the inquisitive traveler will get much more pleasure discovering the amazing natural beauty, varied relief and richness of the flora of the Canary Islands. After all, the archipelago is the best suited for an active and exciting pastime with children. After all, without exception, all family members are waiting for real and, importantly, absolutely safe adventures!
Each of the islands has its own flavor and is able to give travelers unique emotions and impressions. At the same time, you do not need to be specially trained, trained professionals. Risking your life, you will not have to climb mountain steeps and overcome stormy streams in the Canary Islands. Routes carefully designed and tested by specialists are available to everyone. And any family member will get real pleasure walking around the next island, and discovering all its treasures.

Pearl necklace

Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary archipelago. Here travelers will be offered to follow the route «Trail de los sentidos», which is laid through the Anaga Natural Park. Following the trail, tourists can see not only a unique relict laurel forest, but also visit architectural monuments, enjoy picturesque views from observation platforms, see how the locals live..

On the island of Gran Canaria, the route known as «Ascent to the rock Roque Nublo». Volcanic rocks and a real crater are really worth seeing! At the same time, the length of the route is only five kilometers, and it is ideal for walking with children. The places along which the path lies were sacred in ancient times. And looking at the impressive natural monuments, you understand why!

The island of La Palma is one of the highest in the world, and the greenest of the entire Canary archipelago: about 35% of its area is covered with pine and laurel forests. A chain of volcanoes runs from the center of the island to its southernmost part. And it is not surprising that in 2002 UNESCO declared the island of Palma a world biosphere reserve.
The length of the network of prepared hiking trails running through the island is more than a thousand kilometers. But don't be scared! For a family pastime, a route called «Volcanoes Tenegia». Travelers who have entered it will have to go down the slope, enjoying the bizarre landscape formed as a result of the volcanic eruption that happened in 1973.

The island of La Gomera will delight tourists not only with beautiful landscapes: it is also rich in historical monuments. Route «Las Ayas - Las Creses», Worth walking with the whole family, it starts at the Hermita de las Ayas chapel and traverses through fields, pastures and low mountains. You won't get tired: within three kilometers after the start of the journey, travelers find themselves in a small grove with picnic tables, where you can relax and have a snack. And having gone further, you can literally plunge into history, seeing the island through the eyes of people who lived here centuries ago.

The most characteristic route for the island of El Hierro is «Trail de la Llania», located in the town of El Pinar. Depending on their mood and well-being, guests of the island can choose one of three route options. The length of the longest of them is 7 kilometers, and the shortest path will take tourists only 4.5 kilometers..

Having been on the island of Lanzarote, one cannot help but go down to the cave de los Verdes, otherwise they will simply not understand you, because this is the most popular place here! The two-kilometer route is also accessible for children: after all, an experienced guide accompanies tourists throughout the entire journey! There really is something to see: even the most experienced traveler will be amazed by this volcanic tunnel passing between caves and underground galleries. The journey into the bowels of the Earth will surely be remembered by the whole family, and the memories of this impressive experience will be the most impressive.!

Among the Canary Islands, there are also very tiny ones. Five of them are uninhabited, including Lobos, which is only 4.5 square kilometers. But this is just the case when «the spool is small but expensive»: Lobos travelers will find exotic black volcanic sand beaches perfect for water sports!
For more than three decades, Lobos has been part of a nature reserve. About 130 rare plants grow here, and the bottom around the island is an amazingly beautiful protected area of ​​reefs..


These routes are just a small part of the wealth that the Canary Islands have to offer active and curious travelers. A visit here will dispel the myth that a family vacation is certainly a quiet and measured pastime on the beach..
Descending the slopes of volcanic craters, getting into caves and passing through lava fields, children will learn a lot and will be able to feel a taste for real adventures, travel and discoveries.
Well, adults in the Canary Islands will scatter, remember their tourist youth (or for the first time discover the charm of walking), and will be able to feel the incomparable pleasure of conquering albeit small, but real peaks!


  • Treasure Islands. Canary Islands: a new look at family vacations
  • Treasure Islands. Canary Islands: a new look at family vacations
  • Treasure Islands. Canary Islands: a new look at family vacations