Flag of the Cayman Islands: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the state flag of the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands flag

Cayman Islands flag

The state flag of the overseas territory of the Cayman Islands was approved in May 1958.

Description and proportions of the flag of the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands flag has a traditional rectangular shape. Its length is exactly twice its width, and the main field is made in dark blue. The image of the British flag is inscribed in the upper quarter of the cloth adjacent to the flagpole. In the right half of the cloth is the coat of arms of the Cayman Islands on a white round disk.
The coat of arms on the flag of the Cayman Islands is a heraldic shield divided into two unequal horizontal parts. In the upper half, on a bright red field, there is a golden lion - a symbol of Great Britain, which owns the Cayman Islands archipelago. In the lower part of the shield, in a stylized image of sea waves in the form of wavy white and blue stripes, there are three five-pointed green stars in a gold border, representing the three islands of the archipelago where people live..
A green turtle is placed on the shield on a blue and white windbreak, behind which is a golden pineapple. Below the shield is a yellow ribbon with a red lining with the motto of the state inscribed: "He founded it in the seas.".
Burelet symbolizes the traditional craft of the inhabitants of the Cayman Islands - making ropes and ropes. Pineapple is the main agricultural product of the Cayman Islands, and the turtle is reminiscent of the sea and the rich fauna of the archipelago..
The coat of arms on the flag of the Cayman Islands was approved by the Queen of Great Britain in 1958.

History of the Cayman Islands flag

The flag of the Cayman Islands, like most flags of the British colonial possessions, was created on the basis of the stern flag of Great Britain. It is allowed to be used on land by all organizations, government services and officials, citizens of the country..
For the fleet of the Cayman Islands, their own flags have been developed. On state ships, the same blue cloth is raised with the British flag in the canopy in the left quarter at the staff and with the coat of arms on the right side, with the only difference that the coat of arms on it is not inscribed in the white circle. This Cayman Islands flag was approved in 1999. The country's merchant ships use a red cloth with the same components as on the flag of the state fleet..

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