Attractions in Shanghai: photos, entertainment. Shanghai amusement parks

Attractions in Shanghai

Attractions in Shanghai

Shanghai is the first city in China to come into contact with the culture of the Old World. Even at that time, he was considered advanced and could boast that the foreign policy relations of the entire state largely depended on him. This has not changed in our time. Shanghai, as before, is one of the leading cultural, commercial and industrial centers of the country, which, moreover, is very popular with tourists. Therefore, the attractions in Shanghai are not a gimmick at all, and the tourist infrastructure is at a very high level..

This metropolis is so huge that an inexperienced traveler can easily get lost in it. So it is better to start exploring the city with the most popular routes, and only then conduct a more detailed inspection.

Amusement park «Happy valley»

Such a Shanghai analogue of the world famous Disneyland. It is located on the outskirts of the city, so it is surrounded on all sides by forests, rivers and canals. «Happy valley» is so huge that it was conditionally divided into 7 thematic zones. They differ significantly both in design and in the types of entertainment offered, and in order to fully get acquainted with at least one zone, you will have to spend the whole day. The park is open all year round seven days a week from 9.00 to 18.00. The payment system is very interesting here, which looks like this:

  • adult ticket (or for those whose height is above 140 cm) - 200 yuan;
  • for children (child's height up to 120 cm) - admission is free;
  • for children (child's height up to 140 cm) - 100 yuan;
  • women over 65 and men over 70 - admission is free.

Suzhou amusement park

Located in the suburbs of Shanghai (40 km from the city). One of the most modern and technologically advanced amusement parks in the country. Unlike «Happy valley» the prices here are much more democratic (an adult ticket costs only 60 yuan), and the attractions are in no way inferior to the latter, so it is much more noisy and crowded here.

Aquapark «Mayan sea beach»

This water park is distinguished by its gigantic size (200 square kilometers) and unique water slides. Chinese engineers were able to design them in such a way that the pushing force of the water accelerates people to a tremendous speed, therefore, in fact, these roller coasters are not much different from the American ones. Only in this case, the visitor will not mix in the cabin of the rail train, but in a dense stream of water.

The prices are also quite reasonable. The most expensive individual ticket costs 180 yuan, the cheapest child ticket is 110. There is also a family option (two adults and a child). It will cost 400 yuan.

Pictures of attractions in Shanghai

  • Attractions in Shanghai
  • Attractions in Shanghai
  • Attractions in Shanghai