Bus tours to China. The cost of bus tours in China 2016

Bus tours to China

Bus tours to China

The mysterious countries of the East have always seemed very unusual to the domestic tourist. Everything is different for this people: traditions, language group, national cuisine, mentality, rules of behavior. China is considered almost the most outlandish of all Asian countries. This country is a must see, no matter how far away it is. Get ready for a unique adventure to travel to China, and you will definitely come back to repeat it sometime. In this amazing country, absolutely everything is surprising, and the locals look at tourists in the same way. If you want to visit the same original situation, order bus tours to China - this is your chance to travel around this country for not very big money.

Variety of tours to China

There are a huge number of tours to China, and they differ not only in duration, but also in the originality of the excursions. In this country, you are unlikely to be able to travel successfully on your own, because the level of knowledge of the English language among the local population is not very high. If you do not want to try to learn Chinese in a week, the best thing is, of course, to book an organized tour..

The following are considered the best attractions in China:

  1. The Great Wall of China, about which new legends are still composed;
  2. The Forbidden City, which houses a magnificent example of the classical palace culture of China - the Imperial Winter Palace;
  3. The Potala Palace, which is the tallest palace complex in the world;
  4. Gugong is a forbidden palace city located in Beijing;
  5. The National Museum of China, which is one of the richest museums in the world;
  6. Legendary Terracotta Army and more.

It is also possible to order an exclusively wellness tour, the purpose of which will be to have a good rest in high quality local medical centers. Such tours, as a rule, are slightly cheaper than sightseeing tours..

Shopping tours are also popular, as Chinese clothing is very diverse and at the same time very inexpensive. However, if you came to China exclusively for clothes, it is still worth familiarizing yourself with at least some of the sights, in addition to shops..

A lot of impressions at a low price

A trip to such a strange country like China will be remembered for a long time, especially if you use the services of a tour operator who will organize your trip for you. After all, it is so pleasant sometimes to entrust the solution of problems to someone else, at this time relaxing and about nothing but rest, without thinking. Bus tours in China are your opportunity to explore this amazing country while saving money.

Photos of bus tours to China

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