Chongqing subway: diagram, description, photo. Chongqing subway maps

Chongqing subway: diagram, photo, description

Chongqing subway map

Chongqing subway map

The subway in the Chinese city of Chongqing is a system of underground routes and monorail lines connected with them. Its construction was planned as part of a project to develop the western part of the People's Republic of China, and work on tunneling began in 1999. Today, one hundred stations have been opened on the four operating Chongqing subway lines for the needs of passengers. Two lines are underground, the rest are monorail. The total length of all branches is almost 170 kilometers. The first stage of the Chongqing metro was commissioned in 2005, and the next one - in the summer of 2006..

The very first line of the Chongqing subway is marked in red on the maps. It connects Shapingba Station in the west with Chaotianmen in the eastern region of Chongqing. Its length is almost 37 kilometers, and passengers are served by 23 stations. This line is laid underground.

Line 2, marked green, links Jiaochangkou in the city center to the southwest region, which is home to many industrial enterprises. Its length is 19 kilometers, and 18 stations are open for the entry and exit of passengers. This line is made using monorail technology.

Another monorail route is the "blue" line 3. It is especially popular with guests of the city, as it allows you to get to the airport and the northern railway station. Line 3 also connects the center of Chongqing with its southern dormitories. The "blue" route is one of the longest. Its rails are laid for almost 56 kilometers, and passengers are served by 39 stations..

The "pink" route is also one of the underground branches in the Chongqing subway. It was commissioned quite recently, in 2012. Connecting the city center with the suburbs of Yuzhong and Nan'an, Line 6 allows residents to easily reach the business districts. The plans for the development of the Chongqing metro include lines 4 and 5, the introduction of which will significantly reduce the load on other, ground-based urban transport and solve the problem of traffic jams and congestion on the roads..

All announcements in Chongqing subway are in Chinese. The ticket machines have an English menu.

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  • Chongqing subway map

    Chongqing subway map