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Tours in Macau

Tours in Macau

A slice of true western Europe in China is the Macau Autonomous Territory. The oldest Old World colony in Asia originated in 1513 when Portuguese sailors first landed at the mouth of the Pearl River. Since then, Portuguese has been the second official language here, and tour participants in Macau can observe the ruins of Catholic cathedrals and real European secular architecture among typical Chinese signs and modern skyscrapers..

History with geography

The Macau Peninsula was once an island until it was connected to the mainland in the 17th century. For more than four hundred years, it was ruled by the Portuguese, and upon returning to China, Macau was able to obtain a special status, according to which the Chinese government is now responsible only for diplomatic relations and defense. The rest of the inhabitants of Macau do themselves, including the formation of economic and customs policy..
UNESCO maintains and protects many of the historical and cultural sites that are the reason for buying tours in Macau. There are almost thirty ancient buildings and structures and eight city squares on the World Heritage lists..

Briefly about the important

  • You can get to Macau by sea or by plane. From Hong Kong and Guangzhou, marine hydrofoils regularly arrive here, and the local airport receives flights from dozens of Chinese cities and other countries of the world. Bus service with mainland China involves passing a checkpoint at the entrances to the city of Zhuhai.
  • Going on tours in Macau, travelers find themselves in an area where the subequatorial climate borders on the subtropics. At the height of winter, it is never colder than +14, and in summer the air can warm up to +35. The rainiest days come in April and the heavy rain season lasts until September..
  • More than 70 percent of Macau's economy derives from the gambling business. 33 casinos are open here, in each of which tour participants in Macau can pull their luck or just relax in a restaurant or a nightclub..
  • A visa for Russian citizens is needed, and you can get it right at the border. It is inexpensive, but the border officer can ask for proof of the applicant's financial solvency. As a rule, an amount of 2,000 USD is sufficient.
  • Shopping for tour participants in Macau will seem more profitable than in Hong Kong, while the assortment in stores is in no way inferior to shopping centers in the financial capital of Asia.


  • Tours in Macau
  • Tours in Macau