Water parks in Yalta - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Yalta

Water parks in Yalta

Do you want to give a holiday to yourself and your children? Visit the Yalta water parks, considered the best place for active summer holidays.

Water parks in Yalta

Aquapark “Atlantis” has:

  • water attractions “Boomerang”, “The fast and the furious”, “Waterfall”, “Centrifuge”, “Extreme”, “Turn”;
  • wave pool “Atlantic” (its area is more than 2000 m2), a pool for kids “Lagoon” with slides and water cannons;
  • shops, lockers (rent - 100 rubles), cafe, cocktail bar.

It should be noted that guests of the water park are entertained with animation programs and contests with various prizes..

Cost of admission: a full day of stay in the water park for adults will cost 1,500 rubles, from 15:30 to 21:00 - 1,300 rubles, from 18:00 to 21:00 - 900 rubles, and for children (height 100-130 cm) - 600, 700 and 800 rubles, respectively. As for children whose height has not reached 100 cm, they can stay in the water park without purchasing an admission ticket. You can have fun in the water park and on your birthday for free (you must provide a document).

Aquapark “Blue bay” equipped with:

  • children's complex with a swimming pool “eight” and 4 attractions;
  • pools with sea water and water attractions “Anaconda”, “Kamikaze”, “Topogan”, “Turn”;
  • water bar, pizzeria and shopping gallery.

The cost of a 9-hour stay is 1400 rubles / adult and 600 rubles / child (height 90-150 cm), and a 5-hour stay (from the afternoon) - 1200 rubles / adult and 500 rubles / child.

Water activities in Yalta

For a beach holiday, travelers should go to the Primorsky beach (from the entertainment options are available: jumping on trampolines, riding a banana, parachuting over the sea) or Massandra beach (has paid and free areas; the beach strip is equipped with breakwaters; massage services are available; water activities are available ).

Those interested in diving are advised to use the services of the dive centers “Aquasport”, “Oreanda” or “Frigate Crimea”: there they will be offered to investigate a ship sunk during the war (depth - 15 m), or rather what remains of it in the form of separate parts of the deck, metal structures and sides; a barge (it sank in 1972) at a depth of 10-12 meters in the area of ​​the Yalta breakwater, as well as karst caves near the Swallow's Nest.

Are you interested in a boat trip? During the summer season, you will be offered to go on a mini-trip on a 4-deck catamaran “the globe” (it is equipped with a restaurant, bar and dance floor). It is worth noting that the most popular are evening sea excursions - in addition to night swimming in the open sea, guests are invited to have fun at the night disco located on the upper open deck.


  • Water parks in Yalta
  • Water parks in Yalta