Entertainment in Feodosia - photo. Amusement parks in Feodosia.

Things to do in Feodosia

Things to do in Feodosia

Entertainment in Feodosia is diving, fishing from a boat in the middle of the Feodosia Gulf, surfing, jeeping, hang-gliding, parachuting over the sea.

Amusement parks in Feodosia

  • “Luna Park”: All rides in this park are divided by category and age. So, the smallest guests can jump on trampolines and ride trains and other children's carousels, children from 6 years old - ride cars, climb multi-level slides, visit the fear room, and adults - ride the Ferris wheel and other attractions.
  • Komsomolsky Park: no matter what goals you pursue on vacation in Feodosia, take a look at this park - here you can not only sit on benches in the shade of trees or walk along the alleys, but also spend time actively in the rope park. There are several tracks here - “Children” (for young visitors), “Extreme” (for trained people) and “Hurricane” (for teenagers and adults).

What entertainment in Feodosia?

If you are used to spending time in nightclubs, be sure to visit “Beach Club-117”: a summer bar will be waiting for you here “Caribs”, “Sunrise”, Dj bar “Girlis”. Local animators will attract you to morning aqua aerobics, various competitions (the competition deserves special attention “wet shirts”), beach volleyball championships.

If you like active pastime, visit the sports base “Dynamo”: here you can play tennis or ping-pong by renting the necessary equipment.

Do you prefer water activities? On local beaches you can ride on yachts or boats, catamarans or water skis, dive into local waters under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Entertainment for children in Feodosia

  • Alexander Green Museum: for sure, boys and girls will want to go to this house-museum, which resembles a ship (the rooms are made in the form of cabins) - here they will take an interesting excursion and show them a ship bell, a ship with scarlet sails, a steering wheel made of wood.
  • Mini-club “Bombay”: in this club, created for little fidgets, your child can frolic on playgrounds, trampolines, houses, tunnels, labyrinths, slides, swings, collect constructors, play with a children's railway or radio-controlled cars, as well as on a game console. It is worth noting that animators are responsible for the leisure of children in this club, who will not let any child get bored..
  • Dolphinarium “Nemo”: dolphins here will demonstrate to young guests their dancing, acrobatic (they do mind-blowing somersaults in the air) and creative (children will see how dolphins draw) abilities.

On vacation in Feodosia, you must definitely admire the ancient structures, go horseback riding around the resort and take a cruise along the coast on board a small motor ship.


  • Things to do in Feodosia
  • Things to do in Feodosia
  • Things to do in Feodosia