Where to go with children in Feodosia. Entertainment for children in Feodosia

Where to go with children in Feodosia?

Where to go with children in Feodosia?

Feodosia is a resort that is considered one of the most affordable. A good and inexpensive family vacation is possible there..

What to see in the city

Feodosia is an administrative, cultural, port and tourist city. It is located in the southeast of Crimea. It is the oldest settlement on the peninsula. Archaeologists say it is over 2,500 years old. Therefore, there are many historical monuments and ancient buildings on its territory..

Feodosia is considered one of the most beautiful Crimean resorts. There are a large number of picturesque places where magnificent nature has been preserved. One of the most famous sights of the city is the Aivazovsky fountain, which was built at the expense and according to the unique project of this artist. Today this fountain functions and pleases many tourists. The A. Green Literary Memorial Museum, opened in the writer's house, is considered a striking object of the resort. With children, you can also visit the Hang Gliding Museum, the Museum of Local Lore, the Mufti-Jami Mosque, the Armenian Church of Sergius. In the southern part of the resort there are many Armenian and Genoese monuments, among which there are temples and towers.

For family leisure, the Karadag Dolphinarium, located on the territory of the biological station, is perfect. The resort also has a terrarium, an aquarium and a poultry house. From active entertainment, you can try balloon flights by contacting the free aeronaut club. A flight lasting about an hour is an unforgettable experience. But this fun is only suitable for adults and older children..

Natural attractions

If you are wondering where to go with children in Feodosia to relax in the shade of trees, then a park would be the best place. The city has a Sailor's Park, which is located on the square of the former largest slave market. During the domination of the Ottoman Empire, the slave trade took place here. Today the place looks very pretty and is ideal for leisurely outdoor walks. The park has cafes, commemorative signs and sculptures on the theme of the sea.

Mountain Kara-Dag is a unique natural object of Feodosia. It is the remnant of an ancient volcano that was active in ancient times. Near the mountain you can swim and ride a boat. By renting a boat on the embankment, you can take an entertaining walk along the sea. If the boat is small, then it will be able to pass under the arch of rocks, which is called «Golden Gate». An interesting place for tourists is the Cape of St. Elijah with a lighthouse.


  • Where to go with children in Feodosia?
  • Where to go with children in Feodosia?