Evpatoria for children - what to see. Where to go with a child in Evpatoria

Evpatoria for children

Evpatoria for children

Crimea is becoming more and more popular among Russians. One of its advantages is that you do not need to make a passport to enter. And families with children more and more often come to Evpatoria, not only to sanatoriums for treatment, but also just to relax and have fun. Some sights have been preserved since Soviet times.


A favorite place for vacationers is the dolphinarium. People come here to watch the performances of dolphins, fur seals and sea lions. A visit to the dolphinarium is still very popular with everyone and leaves the most powerful impressions. You can also swim with dolphins here.

Amusement park

Traditionally, children love to ride on swings, carousels and all kinds of attractions. Therefore, the Frunze amusement park is popular with children of all ages. There is also a show with crocodiles. Unusual performance with the participation of exotic animals, undoubtedly, will want to see both children and adults.


New among entertainment in Evpatoria is the dinosaur park. Dinopark features moving models of dinosaurs. There are also play areas for toddlers and older children. Trampolines, bungees, dry pools, labyrinths - all this is very popular with children.


Another fun place in Evpatoria is the water park «Banana republic». It is located near the sea and is one of the largest water parks in Crimea. Its territory is divided into zones and has many green spaces. Lots of slides, pools and attractions will not let children and their parents get bored.


You can live in Evpatoria not only in sanatoriums and hotels, but also in private hotels. This significantly reduces costs and makes seaside holidays affordable for families with children. These hotels have everything you need for a carefree vacation. Although for those who want to improve their health, it makes sense to go to a sanatorium. Sanatoriums in Evpatoria have survived since Soviet times and have everything for treatment and prevention. Qualified staff will help your children get ready for the new school year.


As for the road, there are several options here too. This is traditional - rail and air transport. You can also get here by bus and car. Of course, this is not very comfortable for children, but it happens that train tickets can no longer be bought.
Children will undoubtedly remember the time spent in Evpatoria for a long time. And the local climate, nature and the sea will have a beneficial effect on the health of all families..


  • Evpatoria for children
  • Evpatoria for children