Children's camps in Crimea for the summer. Children's camps in Crimea 2015

Children's camps in Crimea

Children's camps in Crimea

Crimea attracts us with its good climate, beautiful nature and a lot of attractions. Today, all kinds of camps and sanatoriums for children's recreation function on the peninsula. Many of them are located on the seashore and guarantee children an unforgettable experience.

Benefits of children's recreation in Crimea

The best children's camps in Crimea have no more worthy alternative. They are ideal for a wellness stay. The southern part of the peninsula is influenced by the sub-Mediterranean climate. The air there is considered healing: the aromas of the Crimean pine and juniper are mixed with sea fumes. Any child can benefit from sunbathing. In health camps, specialists pay special attention to this..

The Crimean sun ensures good health and a positive mood. Bathing in the sea and sunbathing helps to normalize metabolism and improve blood circulation. Children swim under the supervision of adults: counselors and rescuers. Fun games and competitions are organized on the beach and in the water.

An active and fun holiday and good nutrition are factors that are essential to a child's health. The children's menu is dominated by fresh fruits and vegetables. Children who regularly rest in Crimea get sick much less often than their peers. Basically, all children's camps in Crimea are health camps. After all, healing occurs naturally, thanks to clean sea water, sunbathing and vitaminized nutrition.

How leisure is organized

You can usefully relax on the peninsula: children get to know local sights and visit famous cultural monuments. Children go on interesting excursions that broaden their horizons. A friendly atmosphere is maintained in any Crimean camp. Children learn to communicate and play as a team.

While resting in the camp, the child can attend hobby groups:

  • dancing,
  • tennis,
  • yoga,
  • theater section,
  • orienteering, etc..

Crimean health resorts for children offer high quality rest. Fascinating leisure is guaranteed, as in each camp special programs are developed for children of different ages:

  • sports,
  • entertaining,
  • cognitive, etc..

In Crimea, much attention is paid to the development of the cultural and historical background. There are many interesting places, a visit to which is included in the entertainment program of each camp: zoos, caves, «Lukomorye», Museum «Glade of fairy tales» etc. There is so much beauty in Crimea that one season will not be enough for sightseeing. The unique nature of Crimea and beautiful landscapes leave no one indifferent.

Photos of children's camps in Crimea

  • Children's camps in Crimea
  • Children's camps in Crimea
  • Children's camps in Crimea
  • Children's camps in Crimea