Water parks in Alupka - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Alupka

Water parks in Alupka

Those interested in water parks should pay attention to the closest to Alupka complex with water attractions, located in the village of Simeiz.

At the disposal of the guests of the water park “Blue bay” are:

  • 5 pools (large, small, round, wave, cascade);
  • waterslides “Multipista”, “Tsunami”, “Big hole”, “Turn”, “Boa”, “Serpentine”, “Topogan”, “Family constrictor”;
  • Relax Area complex with secluded bungalows;
  • children's complex (mini-town with slides - reduced copies of adult attractions “Serpentine” and “Turn”);
  • Cafe “Aqua food”, pizzeria “Celentano”, bar “Shark”, shopping gallery.

All day stay in “Blue bay” will cost adult guests 1400 rubles (in the afternoon before closing - 1200 rubles), and small (height - 0.9-1.5 m) - 700 rubles (visit from the second half of the day - 600 rubles). Additional services: RelaxArea - 1000 rubles, luggage room - 100 rubles + 200 rubles / deposit, 2-person tent - 200 rubles / day, parking - 150 rubles.

Having paid for the entrance, in addition to attractions and pools, visitors will be able to use sun loungers, inflatable rafts, showers, toilets and changing rooms.

Water activities in Alupka

Interested in accommodation with pools? pay attention to “Sersial Hotel”, “Spanish Village”, “4 seasons” and others.

Beach lovers can head to the beaches “Green cape”, where you can ride pills or bananas, as well as inside a ball on the water, or “Frog” (the diving center is based here “Frogz”, which can be used by beginners and experienced divers). So, during an underwater excursion you will be able to meet sea urchins, jellyfish, crabs, stingrays, horse mackerel, gobies.

Travelers who decide to visit the beach “Vorontsov baths”, there is a developed infrastructure with sun loungers, beach bars, restaurants, souvenir shops. But before going down to the beach, tourists are advised to take a walk in Vorontsov Park, located right below it, to admire exotic plants.

Suitable for families with children “Children's beach”, protected from wind and strong waves from 2 sides (in addition, the water here is several degrees warmer, and here you can also dive with a mask and jump from stones).

Another beach worthy of attention - “Cote d'Azur”: active vacationers will be offered here to ride a banana boat and do water sports, and in the evening - join those wishing to have fun in open-air discos.

If a boat trip is of interest to you, then you can ride along the Alupka embankment on a boat and admire Mount Ai-Petri. The most interesting thing is to go on evening boat trips - they are accompanied by entertainment programs for adults, in particular, a disco.


  • Water parks in Alupka
  • Water parks in Alupka
  • Water parks in Alupka