What is the sea in Cuba? Sea in Cuba: photo, map

Seas of Cuba

Seas of Cuba

The sun-blessed Republic of Cuba is located on the island of the same name and adjoining one and a half thousand islands, drifting at the junction of the three Americas - Central, South and North. But for tourists who travel thousands of kilometers to the island of Liberty, this is not as important as the seas of Cuba, the rest on which is the main goal of everyone..

The sky is like a sombrero

This is the comparison chosen by the authors of the once popular song to describe the sky over Cuban beaches. It is infinitely blue, and its edge merges on the horizon with the equally beautiful Caribbean Sea. It washes the Cuban coast to the south and east. It is not for nothing that the Caribbean Sea is considered one of the most beautiful on the planet. Its color cannot be conveyed either by words, or by paints, or by the capabilities of modern photographic equipment..
The water temperature in the Cuban Caribbean resorts throughout the year fluctuates by no more than three degrees, ranging from +25 in winter to +28 in the summer months. The rainy season starts on Liberty Island in May and lasts until mid-autumn. At this time, humidity rises and strong winds are possible, bringing high waves. In the rest of the months, a beach holiday on the sea of ​​Cuba is not overshadowed by anything, and the snow-white sand and evergreen palms become a luxurious backdrop for photo shoots..

Ocean expanses

When answering the question of which sea washes Cuba, do not forget that the northern shores of the island are provided by the elements of the Atlantic Ocean. It is she who dominates the islands of Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, where luxury hotels are located, and on the capital's Malecon, the main promenade of Havana. The Atlantic Ocean is the location of the main sites for divers, who travel to Cuba brings not only the joy of meeting the tropical sun, but also a unique opportunity to see the richest underwater world.
The most popular diving sites are located near the island of Cayo Coco, where the ocean hides many shipwrecks that sank during the time of the pirates' dominance in the local waters. Experienced divers do not ask what seas in Cuba, because they are well aware that the waves of the Atlantic also hide the second largest coral reef in the world. And divers are in a hurry to come:

  • To the islands of Los Canarreos.
  • To Cayo Santa Maria National Park.
  • To the Jardines del Rey archipelago.
  • To the sites of Cayo Largo Island.

Photos of the coast of Cuba

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