Holidays in Cuba in December: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cuba in December

Holidays in Cuba in December

Holidays in Cuba in December

Many Russians strive to visit Cuba in December. What is the reason for this? What kind of weather can you count on?

December in Cuba is one of the high season months, beginning in November and ending in April. The high season is characterized by minimal rainfall. There can be only three rainy days in December. However, the tourist should be prepared for the fact that a storm with a hurricane wind can break out in Cuba. The main thing, as local residents say, the storm in the high season is characterized by a minimum duration. Only an hour will pass and the sun will surely look out again, the ocean will calm down, after which you can enjoy your stay on the beach and swimming.

Cuba, like other Caribbean states, has a trade wind climate that carries moisture throughout the year. Warm waters of the Gulf Stream and ocean winds make the line between the two seasons conditional. Therefore, the weather can be pleasant at any time of the year. The average annual temperature is + 25C. In December, the air can warm up to + 23.5C, and the ocean - up to + 25.2C.

Choosing the best resort in Cuba

So, are you planning a vacation to Cuba in December? Where is the best place to visit? In reality, a lot depends on your climate preferences. If the best option for you is that the air temperature is + 26C during the day and + 18C at night - Havana and Varadero will suit you.

Havana is the capital of Cuba and is distinguished by architecture preserved from the time of Spanish colonial rule, as well as modern concrete and glass skyscrapers. The center of Havana includes over 900 historical sites! Without a doubt, the capital of Cuba is ready to conquer you!

Varadero is an incredibly popular resort, attracting tourists with fashionable hotels and gourmet restaurants. Tourists can enjoy relaxing on the beaches, yachting and visiting nightclubs, fine restaurants.

Do you prefer a hot climate? Visit the island of Cayo Largo or Cayo Coco.
Cayo Largo is the only Caribbean island that has managed to preserve the charm of the 19th century to the present day. There are no permanent residents on the island. Residents of Cuba come to Cayo Largo only to work in hotels, while they themselves live in a small nearby village. Cayo Largo is a unique destination for nature lovers.
Cayo Coco is an island located in the center of Cuba. This island is famous for resorts like «all inclusive».

Holiday photos in Cuba

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