Holidays in Cuba in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cuba in May

Holidays in Cuba in May

Holidays in Cuba in May

According to one famous song, Cuba is very far away. And yet tourists from the Eastern Hemisphere are paving new routes through this country with its revolutionary flair and excellent conditions for a paradise holiday. Tropical nature, gorgeous ocean landscapes, no visa problems - these factors contribute to an increase in the flow of tourists.

Weather forecast

May may not be the best month to visit this island of freedom, as it is the rainy season. On the other hand, a vacation in Cuba in May will provide the tourist with the opportunity to get to know this place more fully. You can see how beautiful and full of life tropical showers, how nature blooms after life-giving moisture. In addition, a ton of heavenly water has time to pour out in 10-15 minutes, and again it becomes hot and dry. The temperature in May in Cuba is already quite high, on average + 27C °, the water temperature is only 1-2 degrees lower.

Flight is normal

There is no other way for a Russian tourist to get to Cuba except by plane. Few are capable of choosing an ocean liner and spending all the rest on the ship. Fedor Konyukhov generally travels alone. Tourists choose a flight either from Moscow directly to Havana, or through one of the European airports and again to the capital of Cuba. In less than half a day, as a traveler understands - Cuba is near.

Be vigilant

Although Cuba is moving towards communism and crystal honesty, it is still very far from ideal. Therefore, a tourist should be on the alert, store valuable items in some safe place, such as a safe. It is better not to drink tap water, do not go to private restaurants.


Many experienced tourists advise spending part of their vacation in Cuba in Havana. Moreover, on the days of May there is an opportunity to see how the Cuban brothers in the Western Hemisphere celebrate the Day of Peace and, accordingly, Labor. The local mentality is superimposed on the ideological background of the event, and an amazing cocktail of slogans and national traditions is obtained.

Festivals in May

The vibrant festival life in Cuba never stops, but May pleases tourists and local residents with its festive events. Every year this month, professionals and lovers of Cuban music gather for a national festival, which for some reason is called - Cubadisco.

The second large-scale music event is held a year later, but also attracts crowds of tourists from abroad. Many fans of this amazing musical instrument are going to take part in the International Guitar Festival..

Holiday photos in Cuba

  • Holidays in Cuba in May
  • Holidays in Cuba in May