Holidays in Georgia are traditions. National holidays of Georgia

Holidays in Georgia

Holidays in Georgia

Georgia is a country of hospitable people who know a lot about the feast, good wines and beautiful songs. The people value their past and the traditions of their ancestors. Many official holidays in Georgia are traditional festive events that were revered by the grandfathers and great-grandfathers of the country's residents..

Flower festival

He also has a second, no less beautiful name. - «Pink month in Tbilisi». The celebration of the festival falls on the country's Independence Day. Zion Square and Shardani Street of the capital are turning into an open-air greenhouse. Here you can admire a huge number of flowers, and among this splendor there are also very rare species. Gardeners display pink, yellow, red, blue fuchsias, petunias, roses, etc. In addition to flowers at the festival, you can appreciate the beauty of decorative pines and Christmas trees.


This is a local holiday that is not usually advertised. Georgians celebrate it annually on the first Wednesday after Trinity. The venue is the Church of St. George, located on Mount Lomisi (Eastern Georgia). It is better for a person with weak nerves to refuse to attend church that day. The celebration is accompanied by the sacrifices of rams, and blood flows in rivers. The wild ritual performed, when children are laid on the ground, and adults trample them with their feet (of course, this is only an imitation), is especially revered by the inhabitants. They firmly believe that it will bring them happiness..

The temple is overflowing with people. Everyone wants to carry a heavy chain of iron through the church. In this way, people are forgiven for their sins. Lomisoba ends with a stormy feast, where meat and wine practically do not end.


A very beautiful holiday is the day of grapes. Rtveli has no specific date. The celebration falls on the day of the beginning of the grape harvest, and for each region of the country this is an individual date..

But Rtveli is celebrated everywhere in the same way. You can try your hand at harvesting and squeezing wine. The celebration is traditionally accompanied by laid tables and, of course, a huge amount of alcohol.

Day of Tbilisi

Celebrate «day of the city» the capital of the country started back in Soviet times. The date falls on the last Thursday of October. Nowadays, the holiday is an excellent reason for the country's residents to relax and have fun. Numerous fairs, colorful processions, performances by artists and sporting events - this is what awaits you when you visit Tbilisi.


  • Holidays in Georgia
  • Holidays in Georgia
  • Holidays in Georgia