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Tourism in Georgia

Tourism in Georgia

For many years, the hospitable and proud Caucasian republic has been a kind of dream for many tourists from the countries of the former socialist camp. Stunning mountain landscapes and harsh Georgian temples, hospitality and hospitality of local residents, the famous Lezginka performed by real horsemen and the grace of local beauties.

Tourism in Georgia is ancient Tbilisi and eternally young blooming Batumi, filled with the roar of steamers Poti and healing Borjomi, Black Sea health resorts and alpine resorts, delicious wine and long toasts filled with deep meaning, fragrant barbecue and spicy cheese.

Georgian calm

Tourists in this country can feel relatively safe, it is necessary to comply with the minimum standard rules:

  • monitor the bag and wallet in the market;
  • do not wear expensive jewelry for a walk around the city;
  • leave large amounts of money in the safe.

Residents of Georgia are hospitable to tourists, always ready to help. Two topics that it is better not to touch upon in conversations with local residents are the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and relations with South Ossetia, because you can see what a frenzied temperament is hidden behind the external calm.

Souvenirs from Georgia

The list of Georgian gifts that tourists can use to please their relatives and colleagues is huge. Men will be glad to see daggers made by local craftsmen in the best national traditions, Georgian cognac and chacha, a kind of strong Georgian vodka. Women will be delighted with jewelry, modern or ancient, made of gold and silver, adorned with stones. Carpets and homespun rugs, real works of art, may appear in the apartment after a trip to Georgia. Food and drink, of course, Georgian wines, cheeses, spices and local aromatic herbs.

The road to the land of mountains and sky

When traveling in Georgia, be sure to include in the program of your stay:

  • teaching at least the basic movements of incendiary lezginka;
  • master the science of saying beautiful, complex, smart toasts;
  • take a walk along the picturesque coast of Batumi;
  • arrange a gastronomic holiday with real Georgian barbecue and aromatic old red wine.

It is best to start your acquaintance with Georgia in Tbilisi, which in itself is an amazing sight. In addition, there are many places worth visiting for any tourist, including the majestic temples, the historic city center with its ancient architecture and narrow streets..

After enjoying the splendor and beauty of old Tbilisi, you can prepare for a trip around the country, where ancient churches and fortresses, cities carved into rocks and karst caves, royal palaces and original village settlements have been preserved.


  • Tourism in Georgia
  • Tourism in Georgia
  • Tourism in Georgia