Where is the best place to relax in Georgia. Where to go in Georgia?

Where to relax in Georgia

Where to relax in Georgia

Everyone who has visited Georgia at least once remains forever fascinated by the ancient history of the country, the unique beauty of the landscapes, the smoothness of national tunes and the cordiality of the hospitable Georgian people. It is difficult to say where it is better to relax in Georgia, because every corner of it is beautiful in its own way, and it is unrealistic to get enough of the diversity of this country. World-famous wines, unique cuisine, unique architectural monuments - everything shows the brightness of Georgia and the sincere love of life of the people living there..

Georgia is a country with a rich landscape, excellent climate and well-developed infrastructure. Getting to Georgia is easy, and those who decide to spend their vacation in this wonderful country are provided with the services of many resorts for every taste:

  • mountain resorts - Bakuriani, Gudauri, Bakhmaro;
  • sea ​​resorts - Kobuleti, Ureki, Chakvi;
  • balneological resorts - Sairme, Tskhaltubo;
  • balneoclimatic - Borjomi, Java.

Holidays with the whole family

Those who are used to having a rest with a large friendly family are advised to visit the sea resorts of Georgia. The world famous resort city of Batumi is perfect for families with children. The warm sea, a cozy beach, unique cuisine and amazing wines will help parents relax, and children will be happy to visit the attractions, the Batumi Dolphinarium and the zoo..

Fans of a more secluded and relaxing holiday will like the resort of Kobuleti, where the warm sea, small pebbles on the beach, and tea and bamboo plantations delight the weary eye.

Among the sea resorts of Georgia, Ureki is gaining more and more popularity, where adults will have a great rest on a sandy beach by the clear sea water, and children will be delighted with sailing on a ship and the opportunity to eat plenty of fruit..


The mountain resorts of Georgia are a real expanse for those who do not accept lying on the beach, but prefer movement and extreme sports. To the services of lovers of sports recreation - Bakuriani ski resort with convenient lifts and well-equipped slopes for both experienced and beginner skiers.

Fans of snowboarding and freeriding, as well as those who want to fly on a paraglider, will remember their vacation in the mountain resort of Gudauri for a long time, and fans of diving will get a lot of positive impressions from their vacation in Kvariati..

Cultural and educational rest

For curious vacationers who are interested in learning about the culture of different countries and eras, Georgia will surely seem like a treasure trove of historical and architectural values. Perhaps there is no place in Georgia where there would be no palaces, cathedrals or museums. The country is very respectful of the cultural heritage and carefully takes care of the sights..

Those who want to feel the beauty and history of Georgia will love the Abastumani resort with palaces and parks, the abandoned city of Uplistsikhe near the Borjomi resort, the cave complexes of the Tskhaltubo resort, and from the unforgettable architecture of the heart of Georgia - Tbilisi, there is a risk of losing your head..

Wellness holiday

Where is the best place to relax in Georgia so as to combine business with pleasure? The answer is simple: at one of the health resorts. The balneological and balneoclimatic resorts of Georgia are famous for their coniferous forests, healing clean mountain air and, of course, mineral and thermal waters..

In addition to the well-known resort of Borjomi, you should visit Sairme, where thermal waters miraculously help to heal joint, pulmonary and gynecological diseases, the Tskhaltubo resort with unique radon waters effective in the treatment of skin and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the Akhtalu mud resort..

Experienced travelers think the question is: «Where is the best place to relax in Georgia?» not too pertinent, since the answer is obvious. Better to ask: «When to relax in Georgia?» And those who have already been there will answer: «Of course, in the fall». Indeed, it is in the autumn months that the nature of Georgia is colored with an unprecedented riot of colors, and it is impossible to forget this amazing sight. The heart, enchanted by the fabulous views of Georgia, will pull there again and again.

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  • Where to relax in Georgia
  • Where to relax in Georgia
  • Where to relax in Georgia
  • Where to relax in Georgia
  • Where to relax in Georgia