Icelandic features - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Iceland

Features of Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful and very interesting country. She is popular with tourists who really want to know what national peculiarities of Iceland are the key ones, what you should pay attention to during a trip to this unforgettable country..

The inhabitants of Iceland outwardly look very restrained and serious. They are courteous and polite. The local population considers themselves to be the true descendants of the Vikings, and this is a matter of their special pride. If you come to Iceland and want to travel without a guide, then you should remember that the tourist routes of this country were not created in vain. You should not deviate from them.

What tourists need to know when visiting Iceland?

This country has a very high activity of volcanoes. The activity is considered to be increased even outside the volcanic field. There are also a large number of geysers here. Trails used by tourists are usually carefully marked to make them more visible. In the north, north-west and east, avalanches and landslides occur, which must be feared.

Warm clothing is a must in Iceland. There is high humidity, cold and often piercing winds. If you are going for a walk in nature, then you need to buy boots or sturdy shoes with good soles. If tourists decide to spend the night in a tent or summer house, then they need to stock up on warm linen, woolen socks and a sleeping bag.

Basic rules of conduct

As in every country, Iceland has its own laws and procedures, which must be adhered to by tourists who want to relax in this country comfortably.

  • Near each natural attraction there are special sites where you can pitch tents for a nominal fee. If there is no specially designated place for setting up a tent, then it is strictly forbidden to stay here for the night..
  • It is forbidden to fish, break trees and light fires without special permission from the authorities.
  • It is forbidden to travel by car outside the road or a specially designated area.
  • You cannot drink alcoholic beverages on the street. Alcohol is sold only in specialized stores that sell alcohol. Also alcohol can be purchased in restaurants and bars. But the prices are very high.
  • People in Iceland are rarely addressed by their last name. Most often, this is a name and patronymic. But it is preferable to even address only by name..

Traveling to Iceland? Find out what awaits you in this amazing beautiful country with its own unique features!


  • Features of Iceland
  • Features of Iceland
  • Features of Iceland