Independent travel to Iceland

On your own to Iceland

On your own to Iceland

Fjords and glaciers, waterfalls and geysers are the main Icelandic attractions. The small European state offers its guests amazing natural landscapes, special cuisine and the opportunity to merge with nature, even during an ordinary walk along the outskirts of the capital. Photographers and romantics, birdwatchers and lighthouses, and all those who prefer a moderate northern charm to hot beaches go to Iceland on their own..

Entry formalities

Iceland requires an entry Schengen visa for a resident of Russia. The package of documents required to obtain it is standard and includes hotel reservations, round-trip air tickets and guarantees of financial solvency.
It is possible to get independently to Iceland from Moscow only with a transit transfer in one of the northern capitals of Europe, but from St. Petersburg the Icelandic airline operates direct flights. If the tour is to visit Denmark, you can use the ferry connecting Copenhagen and Reykjavik.

Crown and spending

Iceland is a very expensive country, although its currency, the Icelandic krone, is not particularly significant. You can exchange euros or dollars for crowns at any bank office, with a commission of about $ 2.50, regardless of the amount of money being converted. Credit cards are accepted everywhere - both in the capital and in the provinces.
Prices in Iceland look cosmic in comparison even with other European countries:

  • Dinner in a restaurant for two with wine can cost 20,000 CZK, and a bus ticket from the airport to the selected hotel costs 2000 CZK.
  • Five minutes in a taxi within the city will cost 125 CZK, and a liter of gasoline - 500. At the same time, the prices for renting a car seem exorbitant..
  • You can dine on a budget in street fast food cafes. You can buy a hamburger there for 1000 CZK, and a sandwich for 500-700. A cup of coffee will cost 350 CZK, and a scoop of ice cream can be pampered for 300.
  • Prices for hotels and private apartments in low season start from 6,000 CZK, and in high season they literally skyrocket and increase two to three times. Some hotels include airport transfers in the list of services, so when booking it is worth paying attention to this item.
  • Entrance to natural attractions is paid. When planning excursions on your own in Iceland, keep in mind that some geysers and waterfalls can only be reached by a rented car..


  • On your own to Iceland
  • On your own to Iceland