How long is the flight from Tokyo to Moscow? Time of flight Tokyo - Moscow

How long to fly from Tokyo to Moscow?

How long is the flight from Tokyo to Moscow?

In Tokyo, did you manage to admire Japanese skyscrapers and the famous Imperial Palace, stand on the observation deck of the Tokyo Tower, visit the Tokyo National Museum and walk along Tokyo Bay, ride a rented bike in Yoyogi Park, have fun at the local Disneyland? The vacation is over and it's time to think about how long it will take to return to your homeland..

How long is a direct flight from Tokyo to Moscow?

The flight in the direction of Tokyo-Moscow (the capitals of Russia and Japan are at a distance of 7500 km from each other) will take about 10 hours. For example with “Aeroflot” you will fly in 10 hours 15 minutes.

As for the cost of air tickets, you will pay about 35,000 rubles for them..

Flight Tokyo-Moscow with transfer

From Tokyo to Moscow, travelers can fly with transfers in Hanoi, Paris, Seoul, Frankfurt am Main, London, Doha, Geneva, Zurich, Amsterdam and other cities (such flights last from 13 to 36 hours).

If your route will be laid with a transfer in Abu Dhabi (“Etihad airlines”), your flight will end in 21 hours 30 minutes, in Seoul (“Korean Airlines”) - after 13 hours, in Ulan Bator (“Miat”) - in exactly 1 day (both the flight and the wait will last about 12 hours), in Beijing (“Air China”) - after 18.5 hours, in Rome (“Alitalia”) - in 19.5 hours, in London (“British airways”) - after 21 hours 25 minutes, in Doha (“Qatar Airways”) - in 1 day 1 hour (the flight will last 16 hours, and the wait will be 9 hours).

Choosing an airline

You can get from Tokyo to Moscow using the services of the following air carriers (they will invite you on board a Boeing 777-200, Airbus A 340-300, Boeing 777, Airbus A 345 and other aircraft): “Japanese National Airlines”; “Korean Airlines”; “Air China”; “Cathay pacific”, “Etihad airways”, “Aeroflot” and others.

The Tokyo-Moscow flight is operated by Narita Airport (NRT). Since the city center and the airport are separated by 75 km, it is best to get here by high-speed train “Nex”. At this airport, you can buy various goods in duty-free shops, use the post office and ATM services, have a snack in one of the cafes or restaurants..

Things to do on the plane?

In order not to get bored on the plane, you can read books or magazines, and also finally decide which family member to present with gifts bought in Tokyo in the form of traditional Japanese umbrellas, kimonos, Japanese Kokeshi dolls, porcelain, tea, photographic equipment and clocks, paper lanterns, figurines tanuki, souvenir Japanese swords, cosmetics brands “Mikimoto Cosmetics”, “Shiseido”, “Kanebo”.


  • How long is the flight from Tokyo to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Tokyo to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Tokyo to Moscow?