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Entertainment in Japan

Entertainment in Japan

The land of the rising sun was closed to visitors for a long time, and the first foreigner was able to get to mysterious Japan just a century and a half ago. Entertainment in Japan is quite unusual. So, in the spring, most of the country's inhabitants go to contemplate how the sakura blooms, and in the fall they admire the crimson maple forests.

Palette Town (Ferris wheel)

The huge dimensions of the Ferris wheel give it the right to be called one of the tallest. You can climb to a height of 115 meters in just a few minutes.

You can ride the Ferris wheel while visiting the artificially created island of Odaiba, located in the water area of ​​Tokyo Bay. From a bird's eye view, visitors can enjoy completely unique views of the ultra-modern skyscrapers. Tokyo from this height looks much more interesting than from the observation deck of any of the high-rises..

The wheel looks especially unusual in the evening. It is illuminated with multi-colored lights, attracting the attention of all strolling.

Aquarium «Churaumi» (Okinawa)

This is probably the most unusual place to find in Okinawa. Imagine a huge glass tank with a total height of 22 meters. Behind thick glass, whale sharks lead their usual way of life, sea devils - the world's largest stingrays - gracefully swim. And, of course, just an incredible number of inhabitants of the sea, much smaller. After visiting the aquarium, it seems that you were walking on a real ocean floor..

Disneyland (Tokyo)

The Tokyo «Disneyland» was back in 1983 and became the first amusement park of this type not opened in America. And although it has absolutely nothing to do with Walt Disney, it is nevertheless a very visited place..

A highlight of Japanese «Disneyland» there are eight thematic complexes, and the last one is simply amazing. This is an unusual Disney Sea («Disneyland on the water»), offering its visitors a huge number of water attractions.

The park occupies a huge territory and it is best to take a fabulous train for a walk through it. Holidays here do not stop all year round. Here are parades, various processions, or reconstructions of cartoon stories..

Several hotels, a huge number of restaurants, cozy cafes and, of course, an incredible number of attractions have been built on the territory of the park. Moreover, there is entertainment to taste for both adults and young visitors..

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