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Excursion to Holland


Excursion to Holland

I would like to spend a bright vacation and experience a sea of ​​various emotions?
No desire to fly far and experience a long acclimatization in an exotic country? Do children want amusement parks, and adults - medieval-style attractions? If you gave an affirmative answer to all these questions, you absolutely need an excursion to Holland. A small kingdom in Western Europe on the shores of the North Sea is ready to offer an ocean of diverse experiences and sensations and make your vacation or vacation unforgettable.

Land of contrasts

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a politically and geographically correct name for the country, which the vast majority of the tourist fraternity calls Holland. Millions of guests come here every year to see with their own eyes the amazing beauty that literally lies in wait for the traveler at every step. Bright fields of blooming tulips, like a motley shawl draped over the shoulders of the Dutch plain. The coast of the cold North Sea, where it is so comfortable to spend a beach day in the midst of hot July. Openwork silhouettes of mills in the sunset sky, without which an excursion to Holland will not take place. Coffee shops and Red Lanterns - an opportunity to look into the holy of holies of European democracy and liberality in order to determine your own true values.
The contrasts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands allow us to compose an individual excursion program to Holland, where there will be a place only for those adventures that the traveler prefers to all others. Amusement parks and restaurants with a unique menu, sights of the Golden Age and hundreds of kilometers of canals and rivers, paintings, whose value has long ceased to be calculated in money, and nightclubs where you can enjoy the full program to the music of the best DJs in Europe - Holland is so diverse and interesting that both children and adults will find themselves here.

Useful little things

  • The main airport of the country, from which most excursions to Holland begin, is located near Amsterdam and is called Schiphol..
  • Holland's currency is the euro, as in most countries of modern Europe.
  • The most convenient way to get around the country is by train. Railroad tracks envelop even the most remote corners of the kingdom.
  • Renting a car in Holland can be complicated by finding parking in cities. Parking is not cheap, so an increasing number of travelers are paying attention to the bicycle as their main means of transportation..


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