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North Korean traditions

North Korean traditions

One of the most closed states on the planet, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea rarely welcomes guests, but those who are lucky enough to cross the border are convinced of the diversity and uniqueness of the local culture. Despite the fact that the communists have been in power here for more than half a century, the Koreans were able to preserve their customs, some of which can rightfully be attributed to the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. Acquaintance with the culture and traditions of North Korea, which originated many centuries ago, impresses even the experienced traveler.

Life according to Confucius

Koreans professing Confucianism prefer to adhere to the most ancient philosophical precepts in everyday life, especially since the ideological traditions of North Korea are in many ways similar to traditional oriental teachings:

  • Every Korean family has a cult of elders. Here, grandparents are treated with great respect, their opinions are listened to, and arguing with them is considered an unworthy occupation..
  • Marriages in North Korea are usually made for life. Divorces are not accepted here, because a person who was previously married and divorced it will face various social troubles. Leaving a husband or wife, you can lose a good job, the respect of neighbors and colleagues, and communication with relatives. This is why North Korean tradition dictates that we carefully weigh the pros and cons before getting married..
  • The inheritance of property, according to Korean customs, was always carried out in favor of the eldest son. Only recently has the government passed a law according to which both daughters and younger sons have equal rights in inheritance..
  • According to the traditions of North Korea, the dead do not immediately leave this world, but have been visiting it for another four generations of the family. That is why, in honor of the dead, special memorial rites are held three times a year..

More cabbage, please!

The main Korean vegetable is well known to the Russian consumer as well. The famous kimchi sauerkraut is an important food product, and according to the North Korean tradition, all family members participate in its harvesting, called "gimjang".
They began to cook kimchi in order to store vegetables for the winter and preserve vitamins in them as much as possible. Today, not a single Korean meal is complete without this snack, neither on weekdays nor on holidays..


  • North Korean traditions
  • North Korean traditions
  • North Korean traditions