Streets of Seoul - photo, name. List of famous streets in Seoul

Seoul Streets

Seoul Streets

The capital of Korea is Seoul, a large city in the central part of the Korea Peninsula. Its area is about 605 thousand square meters. km. There are 522 districts and 25 districts in the capital. The central streets of Seoul are famous for their architectural monuments. The peculiarity of the city is that its streets are devoid of names.

Insadong street

A busy street in the heart of the Korean capital is Insadong. It is located near Gyeongbokgung Palace. The street became famous for souvenir shops and restaurants of national cuisine. There are shops with antiques, works of art, melee weapons, etc. Insandong is a bohemian favorite. The street is a wide pedestrian path, from which there are many alleys with galleries, teahouses and restaurants. Galleries displaying masterpieces of traditional Korean art are of particular importance..

Jongno or Bell Street is adjacent to Insadong Street. She is popular with young people. It houses trendy entertainment venues, shops and restaurants..


Seoul's famous shopping district, Myeongdong, is included in the tourist itinerary plans. There, for the first time in the city, a Catholic cathedral was built, which still operates today. With a large number of restaurants and outlets, Myeongdong maintains a festive atmosphere. Myeongdong has become famous for its prestigious shops and luxury boutiques. The quarter is home to the four largest department stores in Seoul. The area is considered the center of financial services. There are the central offices of large companies. This quarter is adjoined by the TV Tower on Mount Namsan, the National Theater «Corea House», Namdaemun Market and others.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street

This is the main thoroughfare of the Gangnam area. She is a trendsetter in Seoul. High-class beauty salons, elite designer boutiques and ateliers are concentrated here. There are many excellent cafes, bars, restaurants on the street that offer Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine. The Apgujeong area is considered the most prestigious in the capital.

Seoul parks

The list of attractions in the Korean capital includes beautiful parks. Seoul has a large number of theme parks. The most popular is the Seoul Forest, within which 5 zones are distinguished: an art park, wetlands, an ecological forest, a coastal park, and a center for the study of nature. Each of the listed zones has its own sections by topic.

The city also has a water park «Caribbean gulf», filled with tropical plants and shipwrecks.

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