Capital of Malawi: map, photo. What is the capital city in Malawi?

Lilongwe - the capital of Malawi

Lilongwe - the capital of Malawi

Tourists who come to Lilongwe will learn that the river that flows in the vicinity of the city has the same name. On the other hand, the capital of Malawi is located near the river, which has the same name as the whole country. The second feature of the main city of this African republic is that it is located not far from the border, adjacent to Zambia and Mozambique.

City and nature

In Lilongwe, these two concepts are inseparable, which is facilitated by the geographical position (proximity of rivers), and weather conditions, and the equatorial-monsoon climate. Evergreen rainforests are a real gem of the city.

In order to get acquainted with the rich flora and fauna of Malawi, you don't even need to leave the capital. There is a nature reserve on the city territory, its main inhabitants are birds, represented in all their diversity. If you wish, you can admire leopards, tigers and hyenas, there are other dangerous inhabitants of the park - crocodiles living on the Lingadzi River, which crosses the park.

Shallow dive into history

On the territory of Malawi, scientists have discovered stone tools that are more than a million years old, besides them, the remains of hominids, ancient human ancestors, were also found. Unfortunately, the capital of Lilongwe cannot boast of such a long history..

The city recently celebrated its centenary, founded by travelers from Great Britain in 1902. And he did not at all claim the status of the capital, during the British rule, all administrative offices were located in a city with a funny (for a Russian person) name - Zomba.

In 1975, the Malawi authorities decided to move the capital to Lilongwe, it was after this that the rapid construction of urban areas began, the development of infrastructure.

With faith in the future

Residents of the capital's center will have to work hard to achieve success. At the moment, there are too few interesting tourist sites in Lilongwe, since most of the development belongs to the middle of the twentieth century, and has no zest.

One of the most interesting entertainments is a walk through the Old Town, where the buildings of a century ago are still preserved, remembering the first colonists. The second route and interesting photos can be associated with the local market, where the real African flavor soars. The list of the main products attracting visitors from Europe includes:

  • hand-painted fabrics by local craftswomen;
  • scary amulets for practicing voodoo magic;
  • ritual wooden masks;
  • women's and men's jewelry made from natural materials.

It is clear that you can and should bargain here, and also carefully monitor your wallet and other things..


  • Lilongwe - the capital of Malawi
  • Lilongwe - the capital of Malawi
  • Lilongwe - the capital of Malawi