Capital of Mauritania: map, photo. What is the capital city in Mauritania?

Nouakchott - the capital of Mauritania

Nouakchott - the capital of Mauritania

Some cities rank well on the map of the country, such as the capital of Mauritania, which is located on the Atlantic coast. Therefore, a tourist here can have a good time in beach activities and acquaintance with natural attractions. At the same time, travelers may not even know what it is like - the hot breath of the Sahara.

Neighboring states, Algeria and Senegal, have been developing tourism business for a long time, they know how to please any guest. Mauritania is taking the first cautious steps in this very promising direction for it..

From ancient times to the present day

Scientists cannot establish the exact date (even century) when the first man appeared on these lands, but they indicate that this happened before our era. These were representatives of the Negroid race, who were engaged in hunting, first of all, and in agriculture..

They were replaced by guests from the north, they were Berbers, who considered cattle breeding their main occupation and came to these territories in search of pastures and better lands. They were replaced in the XI century by the Arabs, who took power into their own hands, forming the state of Tarb el-Bidan, whose name can be translated as «The land of the whites». Then a very complex hierarchy was established: the top were the Arabs-Hasans, a little lower were the Berber warriors, and even lower were their «colleagues», peaceful pastoralists, below are blacks, the descendants of the first inhabitants.

The colonial period was no less difficult, the French were the first to appear here, but for a long time they had to prove that they could claim to declare the territories of Mauritania their property (this happened only in 1920). Since 1946, the country has been considered an overseas territory of France; since 1958 - an autonomous republic; it is currently an independent state with the capital Nouakchott.

Name secrets

Nouakchott appeared on the map of the country only in 1957, but the city is characterized by a very rapid population growth, during this time the number of inhabitants increased forty times, and is almost 800 thousand people.

The name for the capital was chosen with meaning, it can be translated from the Berber language as «a place where strong winds blow». The city received this name because of its geographical position, proximity to the Atlantic.

Random selection

The role of the capital fell to the city almost by accident; during the time of the French, the center of the colony was located on the territory of neighboring Senegal. When independence was declared, the unremarkable village of Nouakchott was chosen as the capital of the new state, since there were no other larger settlements on the territory of Mauritania. One advantage is a convenient geographic location.


  • Nouakchott - the capital of Mauritania
  • Nouakchott - the capital of Mauritania
  • Nouakchott - the capital of Mauritania