Capital of Guyana: map, photo. What is the capital city in Guyana?

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana

Georgetown is the capital of Guyana

Georgetown is one of the most popular place names in the world. There are cities with this name in the states of Texas and Virginia (USA), Penang (Malaysia). The same name can be found on the map of the Cayman Islands and Ascension Island. But the most famous is the capital of Guyana, a small state located in the northern part of South America..

Capital ethnos

Today, a third of the country's population lives in Georgetown, and what is most interesting, there are the fewest indigenous people here - American Indians. They went inland and lead a nomadic life. But 50% of the population are immigrants from India, as well as the descendants of the first Indian settlers.

On the streets of the capital, you can meet the descendants of Africans, Europeans, primarily Portuguese, and mulattoes. Multinationality has led to the emergence of various confessions in the city, here the proportion is different - the majority profess Christianity, followed by fans of Hinduism, then apologists of the Muslim faith.

Looking back

Georgetown was founded in 1781, and the Portuguese colonists were the first to settle in these territories. The first name of the capital is Stabruk, that is, a pond in which the water is still (translated from Portuguese).

The 19th century passed for the capital of Guyana under the sign of colonial wars. The country belonged to both the Netherlands and Great Britain. It was the guests from foggy Albion who changed the name to Georgetown («george town»), a gift from the British to their King George III. In addition to the fact that they changed the name of the capital, British subjects did a lot of good in terms of developing urban infrastructure, improving the condition of roads, and landscaping. Another important point - the population of the city did not increase due to the freed slaves, but hired workers from Europe, Asia (mainly India), Africa.

Cultural city map

The influence of the British on the development of Georgetown is still felt - many of the capital's attractions are associated with a great European power. The most interesting cultural monuments of the English past in the capital of Guyana are:

  • Cathedral, consecrated in honor of St. George (a special feature - it is wooden and the largest in the world);
  • The Catholic Cathedral celebrating its centenary;
  • City Hall, an architectural monument.

Many historical artifacts are on display at the Museum of Guyana, which tell the story of history dating back to the colonial era. You can get acquainted with the unique nature of this country by visiting Kaieteur, a National Geographic Park located in the vicinity of Georgetown. And in the capital itself there is a botanical garden at the service of tourists..


  • Georgetown is the capital of Guyana
  • Georgetown is the capital of Guyana
  • Georgetown is the capital of Guyana