Capital of Niger: map, photo. What is the capital city in Niger?

Niamey - the capital of Niger

Niamey - the capital of Niger

Exotic Niamey, the capital of Niger, has a very convenient location, the territory of the city is located on both sides of the Niger River, which is considered the main natural attraction. Islands on the river are considered metropolitan property.

Yesterday and today

A description of the current capital of Niger at the end of the 19th century would take only a few lines. Small village, the number of inhabitants does not exceed five hundred people.

The future main city of the state had to bear all the hardships of French colonization. The favorable geographical location negatively affected the political situation, since it was in this place that the French established a military post. On the other hand, it contributed to the expansion of the village, the construction of public buildings and residential buildings, the development of the economy and trade. The population grew very quickly, mainly due to the ethnic groups living in the surrounding areas. The city acquired capital status only in 1960, when Niger became an independent state..

Great Mosque of Niamey

This religious building is the main attraction of the capital of Niger, it is a beautiful complex of buildings, the mosque itself has an emerald dome, next to it is a minaret.

Since most of the capital's population is Muslim, the mosque is used for its intended purpose. But there is also a difference - it is open for excursion groups and single tourists, both men and women. Ladies can even get into the central hall - this is a unique case. This became possible thanks to a beautiful legend, according to which, during the most terrible drought in the country, it was decided to pray together all the inhabitants of the country in one temple..

«River rivers»

Niger - not only the country has such a name, but also the river flowing through the capital. This main water source gave the name to the state, and the name can be translated as «Great river», «River rivers». It really forms a wide valley in the vicinity of Niamey, therefore it is a kind of granary of the country. On the way, it takes all small rivers and streams, becoming more and more full-flowing. But shipping is developed only in certain areas, including: from Niamey to the delta; from Sutuba waterfall to Ansongo; from Kurusa to Bamako.

Most of Niamey's attractions are created by nature. This is not only the beautiful Niger River, but also the picturesque tropical massifs in its vicinity. Interesting fact: the National Museum of Niger contains an unusual exhibit - the Tenere tree. Its uniqueness is that it is able to survive in the harshest conditions of the African desert. For the Nigerian population, this tree has become a symbol of life..


  • Niamey - the capital of Niger
  • Niamey - the capital of Niger
  • Niamey - the capital of Niger