Flag of Uganda: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Uganda

Flag of uganda

Flag of uganda

On the historically significant day of independence from Great Britain for the Republic of Uganda, the state flag was adopted in the country.

Description and proportions of the flag of Uganda

The Ugandan flag has a classic quadrangular shape, and its length and width are proportional to each other in a ratio of 3: 2. The flag of Uganda is divided horizontally into six stripes of equal width. The top stripe is black, followed by bright yellow, and the third is red. Then the order of alternating stripes is repeated one more time. In the center of the cloth, at an equal distance from its edges, a white round disc with the image of a bird, which serves as a symbol of the country, is applied. This is an oriental crowned crane, which is turned towards the shaft..
The colors on the Ugandan flag are typical of the national flags of the African continent. Black stripes symbolize the skin color of the tribes inhabiting the state. The yellow fields on the flag are the hot sun that warms the land of Uganda and the hearts of its people. Red stripes remind of the blood of true patriots of their land, shed in the wars of liberation.
The flag of Uganda can be used both as a state and as a civilian flag both on land and at sea. It is also official for the country's army..
The standard of the President of Uganda depicts the country's coat of arms in a bright red field, the colors of the bottom of which repeat the stripes of the national flag of Uganda.

History of the flag of Uganda

Before gaining independence from the colonial rule of Great Britain in 1914, the country's flag was a rectangular blue cloth. In its upper quadrangle at the flagpole was the flag of Britain, and on the right half there was a yellow disc with the image of a crowned crane, which served as the coat of arms of Uganda in those years. Such flags were typical of all Her Majesty's overseas possessions..
The bird, symbolic for Uganda, also settled on the first version of the flag, adopted after the country was granted self-government in March 1962. The flag had three equal vertical stripes: light green at the edges and dark blue in the center. They were separated by thin yellow fields, and in the middle of the cloth there was a depiction of a golden crowned crane standing on one leg and facing towards the shaft..
On October 9 of the same year, the country gained final independence, and the flag, adopted on that very day, remains the state flag to this day..

Photos of the flag of Uganda

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