Flag of Gabon: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Gabon

Gabon flag

Gabon flag

The state flag of the Gabonese Republic is an integral part of the official symbols of the country. It was adopted in August 1960, when the country gained independence and ceased to be a colonial possession of the French..

Description and proportions of the flag of Gabon

The rectangular cloth of the Gabonese flag has somewhat non-standard proportions in comparison with most of the famous flags of the world powers. Its width and length are related to each other in a 3: 4 ratio, making the shape of the flag close to a square.
The canvas is divided horizontally into three equal parts, the upper part of which is painted light green. The middle stripe of the Gabon flag is yellow and the bottom is bright blue.
The flag of Gabon, in accordance with the legislation of the country, can be used on land by civilians, and on water - by private ships and ships of the merchant fleet..
The colors of the Gabon flag were not adopted by chance. They are a symbolic reflection of its geographical position on the world map. The green part of the flag is the equatorial forests in most of the country, the blue is a reminder that Gabon has access to the Atlantic Ocean. The yellow stripe symbolizes the equator, dividing the country in two, and the hot African sun.  
The colors of the Gabon flag are also present on the country's coat of arms, which is a heraldic shield held by two panthers standing on their hind legs. The shield is divided into a green top, a yellow center, and a blue bottom. The shield bears a black sailboat, at the stern of which the flag of Gabon flutters. The ship serves as a symbol of the state itself, which is confidently striving for a brighter future, and the panthers remind that the brave president and his entourage are guarding the conquests of Gabon. The country's motto, inscribed on the coat of arms, means "Moving forward together" and symbolizes the inextricable bond between the country's leadership and its people.

History of the flag of Gabon

The very first flag of the state of Gabon was established in 1959. It was a rectangle divided by a narrow yellow stripe into two equal parts. The bottom of the Gabon flag was bright blue, and the top was the flag of France, enclosed in a canopy closer to the pole, and a light green field on the right.
Having gained independence in 1960, the country not only gained stability, but also got the opportunity to develop in its own way. The Gabon flag has also been changed. The French tricolor was removed from the panel, and the yellow stripe was expanded, making all three fields on the flag of Gabon equal in area.

Photos of the flag of Gabon

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