Rivers of the Niger - photo, list, description

Rivers of the Niger

Rivers of the Niger

The Republic of Niger is located in the northeastern part of West Africa. And the only rivers in Niger are the river of the same name Niger and Komadugu-Yobe.


Niger is one of the largest rivers in all of West Africa. In addition, Niger is also a fairly long river on the continent, second only in length to the Nile and Congo. For quite a long time, the river remained unexplored, since its course is very meandering. And scientists even believed that the rivers Gambia and Senegal, flowing much north of the Niger, were.


  • City of Bamoko. The national museum and the cathedral mosque are interesting here. The building of the local bank (BCEA Tower) is the tallest in all of West Africa. The Palace of Culture will also be interesting.
  • City of Niamey. During a stop, it is worth visiting the national museum of the country, the zoo. The local market is the largest in the entire republic. The mosque of the city will also seem interesting.
  • Kainji Lake National Parks, Upper Niger Park, and West Niger Park.

An unusual feature of the river is the inner delta. Locals call her Masina. The delta is a combination of many branches of the river, lakes and marches. The total length of Masina is 425 kilometers and a width of 87 kilometers. During seasonal floods, the delta becomes a gold mine for fishing enthusiasts. The main representatives of the fish kingdom: dog-fish; perch; cat fish; nigerian som; carp and others.

In addition to fishing, while traveling in Niger, you can practice active sports, for example, canoeing. Or you can just ride using catamarans or motor boats.


The river takes its source in the territory of Nigeria, neighboring with Niger. Then its course forms a natural border between the two states. During dry periods, the river becomes shallow. The flood time is in January.


  • Rivers of the Niger
  • Rivers of the Niger
  • Rivers of the Niger