We announce our forum - forum.life-trip.ru

It has been asking for a long time, and even some have written to us about it - to make our own forum. Less than a year later, I thought about this topic, and the day before I was digging around with the Vanilla engine and made a forum on it. And now I just want to bring it to your attention. His address

We announce our forum

We announce our forum

Why is it needed?

I receive a lot of comments on our articles and letters with questions to the mail. I honestly try to answer everything, but it takes a lot of time and I don't always have time. Therefore, in due time I introduced paid consultations, which can be received by a person who does not have the opportunity (or is simply too lazy) to read, search, and it is easier for him to personally spend some time answering all the questions. I also introduced the habit of writing answers to some popular questions in the form of articles, so that next time I just give a link and not repeat myself. However, I cannot always write these articles on the blog, since the subject matter of the question may not correspond to our blog, or my answer does not last for a whole article. Henceforth, in order not to litter comments on articles with off-topic questions, as well as my mail, I will direct everyone to the forum, especially when it comes to topics related to WordPress.

The second reason for the emergence of the forum is my personal and also related mainly to WordPress. I often need to do something on a blog, for example, implement some functionality, tweak a plugin, change a template. And sometimes it takes me several days to find and implement. Previously, for myself, I personally wrote down all this in a notebook, how, what and where I did, so that in the future, if I have to return to this topic again, I would not waste my time. Accordingly, I thought, why should I just keep it on my computer, if I can put it on the network and thereby help someone else with a similar problem. Now I have already transferred some things to the forum.

The third reason is simple - a person who comes to the blog and does not know in which article to leave his question, will be able to do it on the forum by creating his own topic on any issue.


First of all, this is another place for convenient communication with our readers and a kind of continuation of our blog. By the way, the forum has implemented a login via social media accounts. It will be convenient for many so as not to specially register. So welcome!

P.S. The sections on the forum are still quite conditional, if there are wishes, then we will change something and add.
P.P.S. At the request of readers, articles will be released soon «How to start blogging» and «How to promote a blog».