Caucasian Mineral Waters - a classic of recreation

Caucasian Mineral Waters is a blissful land visited by millions of tourists every year. It is here that the world-famous springs of mineral waters are located, rightfully called «living water». Located on the shores of the clean Black Sea, the resort towns of this region amaze with their extraordinary and varied natural beauty. Everything is collected here - the majestic mountains, the peaks of which are covered with crystal white snow, exotic vegetation, delighting with emerald greenery and brightness of flowers, and, of course, the boundless expanses of the turquoise sea. In the resort cities of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, many sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels and private hotels have been built. For example, the Plaza sanatorium, which is considered one of the best sanatoriums in the city, is especially popular with tourists. There are excellent clinics where professional doctors are located. To the sanatorium «Plaza» those for whom rest is not only lazy lying on the beach, but also taking care of their health.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Pensions of Kislovodsk are no less popular. The boarding houses themselves do not have their own medical facilities, but the agreements between the administration and the nearby sanatoriums allow vacationers to use all the medical procedures and services of doctors. All boarding houses in Kislovodsk have unique entertainment programs - all kinds of excursions are held here, concert evenings, trips to cinemas and discos are organized. There are also playgrounds for children..

Another resort town of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, which is famous as a magnificent health resort, is Pyatigorsk. Pyatigorsk amazes not only with hospitals equipped with the most modern medical equipment, but also with its content. There are many architectural monuments, theaters, museums. Those who want to feel the real taste of life, not diluted with the dullness of everyday life, should buy tickets to Pyatigorsk.

Rest on the Caucasian Mineral Waters is a classic. This has been confirmed by many generations of vacationers, for whom this place has become a favorite..