How to leave the apartment while traveling?

After we started traveling often, I thought about how to leave the apartment and for whom. You never know what can happen. Moreover, even if you rent it out (very important when traveling for the winter to warm countries), it is not a fact that people staying in this apartment will be able to look after it properly, because the apartment is not their own.

The best and easiest option is to ask relatives and friends to come periodically, check if everything is in order, or keep an eye on the tenants so that they do not start a pogrom. But who wants to do this for a long time? A couple of weeks maximum. Therefore, one of the things that makes sense to do is to install fire protection systems, and leaking valves on the water pipes. Yes, in this case, of course, you will have to invest in an apartment, order the design of fire safety systems, but then there will be at least some kind of security guarantee, and the absence of the need to make expensive repairs if something bad happens. But the truth is, this will not solve the questions of who to water flowers and wipe dust.

Another good option to protect yourself is to insure your apartment against any floods, fires and damage. After all, they can happen not due to malfunctions in your house, but due to the fault of your neighbors. And here no protection will help. Insurance is not expensive now, and some insurance companies offer to include their payment in the utility bill, which is quite convenient. After all, you still have to pay the bills, either you through Internet banking, or relatives, or tenants.

And the last thing that will protect your apartment is an alarm. This way, you save yourself from intruders who might figure out that you have been away for a long time. True, investments are again needed to maintain this system. In any case, it is up to you to decide what to spend your money on and what not, and what is worth the risk and what is not. It is quite possible that the easiest option would be to simply settle your best friend in his house, who will vow to keep an eye on everything while you travel. Although insurance from neighbors, I still would have done ...