Camping with a tent

More and more people, lately, are trying to choose for themselves travel by car - some for financial reasons, some for the love of travel and adventure. And it doesn't matter, in this case, the distance covered. It is more important here to choose the right place to stop and rest. As a rule, campsites (in English terminology, specially equipped places for autotourists) become the place of such a deployment..

I must say that Russian culture has made its own unique imprint on this. For a Russian, camping is a kind of tourism, sometimes extreme, due to living in tents or in vans. But since living on four wheels with us is not yet widespread enough, we will try to consider the advantages and disadvantages of camping.

In such a case, I think it is most correct to start with negative moments. As they say, discuss, take notes and move on to pleasant nuances.

So, on the negative side, I can only highlight that this type of parking is just developing in our country and enterprising businessmen are trying to make money, literally, on what they can, to the point that they even take money for using the toilet. Therefore, another difficulty faced by people who have gathered for the first time to stay in tents is the impossibility of foreseeing everything that a savage should take with them for rest. And the banal absence of a boiler or drinking mugs can result in additional financial expenses and damage to nerves, unlike, for example, stopping at European campsites, where this infrastructure is widely developed and includes everything «hotel» living conditions, where, so to speak, «all inclusive».

But, by and large, these are the costs of our mentality and our people, instead of struggling with it, adjust to these conditions, calling it a kind of rest, as close as possible to natural conditions. Therefore, all household inconveniences, for example, as a lack of access roads, an idle shower, or a banal «toilet» instead of a toilet, they are perceived as an exotic adventure and people are ready for it. And of course, the safety of personal belongings and their safety - completely fall on the shoulders of their owners..

And now for the pleasant. I'm afraid I don't have enough resources to describe the merits of this type of recreation as a savage.

When pondering where to start your story, the first thing that came to mind was the words from the song - «Have you heard the blackbirds sing»... These same words are transformed into a question for you - have you heard?
If not, then outdoor recreation is what you need to fill this gap. And not just to fill it as a kind of vacuum, but to fill it in such a way that these moments are engraved in your memory for the rest of your life. So that with just one mention - «Thrush» you were filled with nostalgia for those glorious times when you stopped to rest in tents in the middle of the forest. Only, the only thing, do not forget to turn off the tape recorder or player and do not turn them on until you arrive home, in order to keep these moments in your memory as long as possible..

Have you ever dreamed of meeting the first rays of the sun at its very dawn, or can you remember, at times, how you once met it and this moment was imprinted in your memory as the brightest moment of your life? So don't dream, but make it a reality.
What could be better, for the spirit, tormented by everyday problems and troubles, the feeling of meeting a new day, which you feel with all your nature, you feel how it comes to life literally before your eyes and every minute is filled with new strength and energy that you, literally , you see with your own eyes ... Only at such moments do you feel like a true child of nature, small and defenseless, but who still has!

And fresh air ... we miss it so much among the metropolis and technological progress.
Yes, fresh air will not go anywhere if you live in a hotel by the sea. But, you see, sometimes you are too lazy to get out of your room to walk along the coast. And here «everything is at hand».

A fish soup boiled in a pot or potatoes baked in coals…. Yes, no lobster with crabs or hazel grouses in pineapples can compare with this dish, shrouded in the mysterious smell of a fire..
One thing I can say, if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, and even more so if you are an adherent of outdoor recreation, then camping with tents is the best solution. The only thing, like in any business, you have the right to choose and freedom of movement. And, if any camping does not suit you for one reason or another, you are free to choose another and enjoy in the chosen place, such a rare unity with nature..

Camping with a tent in nature

Camping with a tent in nature