Traveling in Altai by car

So, you are overwhelmed by the wanderlust. And you were drawn not somewhere on the warm Turkish coast, the Canary Islands or Thailand, but on a tour of the domestic Altai. And this is a very correct decision. There is no need to go abroad, when in your own country there are many interesting places that can give a lot of unforgettable impressions. Today Russian tour operators offer very interesting routes in Altai.

Traveling by car makes it possible to quickly move from one point of interest to another. At the same time, to explore the most beautiful places, you need to make a lot of efforts: off-road, river floods, unpredictable whims of nature - this is just a small fraction of the obstacles that stand in the way of travelers.

An experienced instructor, a professional driver and a reliable all-terrain vehicle will help you to successfully overcome all this. In these wild places, weapons will be useful, you never know. And if you like to tickle your nerves and are looking for strong emotions, then these routes are just for you. The risk, the danger and the adrenaline in the blood are all wonderful, of course. But still, you'd better prepare in advance.

So, you can go to Lake Teletskoye (Altyn-Kol - «golden lake») - the pearl of the Altai Territory. A speedboat will take you to the southern shore of the lake. Then, in a reliable car, you will drive about fifty kilometers, surrounded by pristine natural beauty, to the mouth of the Chulcha River. Here you will find rest and a hiking bath.

11 kilometers from the mouth of the Chulcha River, there is the largest cascade waterfall in Altai, the total height of the fall of which is more than 160 meters, and during high water, which is a real grandiose spectacle. It is here that you can feel all the unbridled power of Mother Nature. After a nine-hour excursion, the already familiar hiking bath will be quite useful..

And further along the route. From the mouth of the Chulcha river to the Kurai steppe 170 kilometers with excursions to the Red Gate, the valley with the Pazyryk mounds, the Katuyaryk pass, «Blue Lake», mountain-glacial basin Aktru with the highest point - the peak Aktru-Bash (4075 m). From the Kuraiskaya steppe you return by car to Barnaul with a visit to a number of very interesting excursion sites. By the end of the trip, you will become the owner of an unforgettable experience that you will save in your memory, in photos and videos..