Video The Longest Way - 4500 km to walk.

Super video about a man named Christoph Rehage, who once, on his birthday in 2007, went on a long journey. He started in Beijing and finished in Urumqi. He walked almost all of China on foot, about 4500 km in total. The whole journey took a little over a year. Every day he filmed himself, and then made a video clip from these materials..

This is the question of how you can live and travel. One example of people who did this. An inspiring example! Probably, each of us dreams of something like that, to give up everything and start wandering for a year. Let it not be on foot, let it be with the help of other types of transportation. And probably almost everyone can do this, in Russia, or in another country, on foot or by hitchhiking, but there is not enough courage. After all, it is difficult to leave a familiar place. But, if someone was able to overcome all their fears, then another person can!

Wonderful Background Track - The Kingpins «L’Aventurier».