What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Singapore doesn’t seem so big at first glance. In fact, it has accommodated an incredible number of attractions, entertainment, and simply beautiful and very interesting places on its territory. And if it seems to you that a couple of days in Singapore will be enough, then you are very mistaken..

This city-state should be pledged for at least a week, or even more. Otherwise, there is a chance to leave with the feeling that you have not seen even half of Singapore. Although it may not be a bad thing, there will be motivation to come back to this ultra-modern and beautiful country. Below are my TOP attractions .

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What to see in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands lookout

It is this hotel that is heard by everyone who plans to visit Singapore, and by those who have already been there. The rooftop of Marina Bay Sands houses the world's largest infinity pool. There, on the 57th floor of the hotel, there is a restaurant and bar CE LA VI (formerly KU DE TA) with an observation deck. The bar has quality drinks, good snacks and live music. There is another observation deck a couple of floors below, where paid excursions are conducted. But the trick is that for the same money, you can go up to the bar on the floor above and enjoy the views while sitting at a table with a glass of cocktail..

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Spectra Laser Show at Marina Bay

The show takes place daily at 20:00 and 21:00 near the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and the best view opens from a special observation deck at the entrance to the shopping center, which is located at the foot of the hotel. If you look from other angles, it looks like nothing at all, you can't see or hear.

The show is enchanting. The best we've seen. Fountains move to the beat of beautiful, wonderfully selected compositions, and on the spray, the laser draws a colorful plot of the show.

Duration only 15 minutes which will fly by in one breath. The show has an interesting plot, it fascinates and fills with emotions.

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Observation Deck of One Altitude Hotel

This is the tallest building in Singapore. Its height is 282 meters. The rooftop bar offers 360 ° views of the city. Bar 1- Altitude is considered the tallest outdoor bar in the world.

In my opinion, the view of the city from this bar is more interesting than from the observation deck of Marina Bay Sands. Firstly, it is located higher, and secondly, from the bar you can see the Marina Bay hotel, which you just won't see if you are on its roof. Well, plus the bar is better here if you rely on reviews.

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Gardens By The Bay

Marina Bay is home to the stunning man-made gardens of Gardens By The Bay, as well as Dragonfly Lake. These gardens contain artificial super-trees, just like from the movie. «Avatar». The park covers 101 hectares of land.

It consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, East Bay Garden and Bay Central Garden. The largest of the gardens, Bay South Garden, covers 54 hectares. These gardens are ecological power plants. More than 160 thousand plants have been planted there, there is a cactus garden, lakes with lotuses, bizarre benches, and many sculptures. Also on the territory there is a free children's aqua zone with different fountains, there is a changing room, a shower.

This is a great place to take a series of beautiful photos, so I advise you to bring your camera with you..

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Super Trees

Supertrees are a tree-shaped structure on which a huge number of different plants are anchored. In the evenings, the lights turn on and they begin to resemble the fabulous trees from the movie «Avatar».

Every day, at a certain time, a light and music show is held. The show is so bright and mesmerizing that you want to come here again and again. The atmosphere of a holiday is guaranteed for you. I think that this show should definitely be included in the list of places to visit. This is almost the best show in Singapore. The trees are in the Garden by the Bay area.

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Natural reserve Bukit-Timakh

A nature reserve almost in the heart of Singapore. Located on the slopes of Bukit Timah Hill, the highest point in Singapore at 163 meters in height.

Singapore has managed to preserve a piece of the real jungle, which is now one of the favorite places for walking, both tourists and locals..

There are more than 800 plant species and about 500 species of fauna in the reserve. The reserve is now considered the only largest natural rainforest remaining in Singapore..

Bring drinking water with you for a walk. Do not feed animals and birds. Lay on the route for about two or three hours.

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Reserve Bukit-Timakh / commons.wikimedia / Calvin teo

Reserve Bukit-Timakh / commons.wikimedia / Calvin teo

Botanical Garden

Singapore Botanic Gardens is the largest garden in Asia. It is located on the territory of the Bukit-Timakh nature reserve. Not so long ago, the botanical garden was included in the UNESCO list and received the status of a World Heritage Site. The reserve, which houses the botanical garden, is over 150 years old and is a magnificent place that attracts tourists all year round. A huge oasis of peace and beauty in bustling Singapore.

The garden is full of flowers and plants brought from all over the world. Here is the world's largest orchid garden. In the tropical jungle, among the tallest trees, there is a bridge on which you can take beautiful photos. It is better to lay at least 3 hours for a walk in the garden. There is a science area for children and a mini-laboratory where children will be shown how plants can be used to make dyes, drinks or medicines..

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Singapore Botanic Garden / commons.wikimedia / Genleorus

Ferris Wheel Singapore Flyer

The giant Ferris wheel, located in Singapore, was built in 2005-2008. It reaches the height of a 55-storey building, with a total height of 165 m..

The entire central part of the city is visible from a height. In the evening, a particularly beautiful view opens up, the whole city shines with lights. The wheel completes one circle in 30 minutes. This time is quite enough to take many beautiful photos and have time to sit and enjoy the view. Huge observation cabins are equipped with monitors and soft seats. The glazing is completely panoramic from four sides.

You can dine right in the Ferris wheel cockpit. The Singapore Flyer has specially designed cockpits in the form of a mini restaurant. Alternatively, you can buy a ticket that includes only a glass of champagne. Or just take a ride enjoying the views, as we did.

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Helix bridge

Nice bridge over Marina bay. The Helix Bridge, officially The Helix, and formerly known as the Double Helix Bridge, is a pedestrian bridge in the Marina Bay area. In the evening, illumination of the entire structure of the bridge is switched on. There are observation platforms along the bridge. In the evening, this is a good place to just sit over the river (however, you will have to sit on the floor), watch the floating small boats. The bridge leads to the mall at the foot of Marina Bay.

The place is pleasant but crowded. And in general, it is not clear what is so special about the construction of the bridge..

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Shri Viramakaliyamman temple

The Sri Viramakaliyamman temple is dedicated to the goddess Kali - the cruel incarnation of Shakti and the wife of the god Shiva, Parvati. This is a very colorful attraction that you should definitely see. The temple is considered one of the oldest and most ornate temples in Singapore.

It's really beautiful inside. Both outside and inside the temple is decorated with many unusual, striking sculptures and stucco moldings. The air is filled with aromas of incense and jasmine flowers. The centerpiece of the temple is the black statue of Kali, depicted in its most eerie form. Kali has many arms and legs. She holds severed heads in each hand, and a garland of skulls around her neck. Kali is considered the protector from all evil forces, and, protecting from evil, she brings prosperity and life in this world.

When entering the temple, you should take off your shoes, leave them on special racks and wash your feet under the tap (available at the entrance). Women with bare legs should wear a national skirt, lie in a basket at the entrance.

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Fountain of wealth

A striking building that attracts attention. A huge fountain was built as a symbol of wealth. Occupies an area of ​​about 1700 sq. M. In the evening, it is complemented by lighting, and at 20:00 and 21:00 a laser show is held here.

It is located in one of the largest shopping centers in Singapore, Suntec City. At certain times of the day, the fountain turns off and visitors are invited to stroll through the mini-fountain in its very center. They say that you need to dip your hand into the fountain and walk three times around it for good luck to attract wealth to yourself. I have not personally checked it, but everything is possible, because the fountain was built entirely according to Feng Shui and therefore, what if?

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Fountain of Wealth / commons.wikimedia / William Cho

Merlion (Merlion) - the symbol of Singapore

Almost all capitals of all countries have their own unique symbol. In Russia - the Kremlin, near Paris - this is the Eiffel Tower, near London - Big Ben, etc. So the Singapore authorities really wanted to create a landmark that will become a symbol of the city. There are several legends about the origin of the symbol of Singapore in the form of the Merlion. Translated from english «mer» - abbreviated from «mermaid» - mermaid, «lion» - a lion.

A total of 4 statues were built. Of these, only 2 are the most famous. In 1972, the first statue of the Merlion was erected on the embankment. In the evening, it has a beautiful illumination. The second statue stands on Sentosa Island. This is a huge statue that houses a museum, a cinema, a souvenir shop and 2 observation decks.

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What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Universal Studios Singapore

The park is somewhat reminiscent of Disneyland. If you are traveling with children, then you should definitely come to Universal Studios, the children will be absolutely delighted. This is a park that has 28 rides, shows and 7 thematic zones: New York, Hollywood, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, the lost world, Madagascar, the far-off kingdom. All rides are included in the admission price. There are a lot of people at the box office and in the park, it would probably be better to come on a working day..

What to see in Singapore in 1-2-3 days - my TOP14

Zoo mandai

Not a bad zoo surrounded by greenery. Many species of animals, 16% are endangered species. Some animals can be fed. From the very beginning, the zoo chose a concept for itself - to represent animals in their natural habitat, with open enclosures, ditches and glass barriers. The zoo hosts a large number of shows, the schedule must be clarified in advance. Many animals walk freely around the zoo and can be touched.

There is a water mini-park with slides on the territory, so when visiting the zoo, you should take flip flops, a towel and change of clothes or a swimsuit with you. You should definitely go with children, they will really like it, and you should definitely like it much more than in Moscow.

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commons.wikimedia / chensiyuan

commons.wikimedia / chensiyuan

Attractions in Singapore

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P.S. This list will be enough for more than 1-2-3 days, but it is from this list that I would choose those sights that you want to see.