Where to go on a weekend in Moscow

We would like to offer you a small overview of the places that will be interesting to visit after arriving in Moscow for a few days..

We advise you to visit Tsaritsyno - one of the largest Moscow museum-reserves, a monument of history and culture of the 18th-19th centuries. Tsaritsyno's Mystery - The Grand Palace, built at the behest of Catherine II. The palace, built by the architect V.I.Bazhenov in the style of pseudo-Gothic, did not suit the Empress's taste, but Muscovites fell in love with it. Tsaritsyno park is beautiful with majestic alleys, cozy paths departing from them, romantic grottoes, bridges and gazebos.

Apartments for daily rent in Moscow are not a problem today, so you can spend several days in the capital. If you are in Moscow for the first time, for sure, you will want to visit Red Square and the Kremlin. Be sure to take a walk around the Kremlin, look at the Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, go to the famous Kremlin museums: the Diamond Fund and the Armory Chamber. Not far from the Kremlin Cathedral of Christ the Savior - a beautiful building with large gilded domes.

You will not regret if you go to Vorobyovy Gory - one of the highest points in Moscow and the oldest walking area. The buildings of the Moscow State University are located on Vorobyovy Gory, from the observation deck of which you can admire the magnificent panorama of Moscow. From the Sparrow Hills you can see Neskuchny Garden - a corner of classical Moscow, where you can take a break from the frantic rhythm of the metropolis.

If renting an apartment does not break a hole in your wallet and you can spend another day in Moscow, visit the territory of the Novodevichy Convent. This is one of the most beautiful and oldest monasteries in Russia, an outstanding architectural monument of the 16th-17th centuries, included by UNESCO in the list of world cultural heritage.

Be sure to take a walk around Moscow at night. At this mysterious time of the day, the city beckons with its lights. With the onset of night, the famous Pashkovs' house regains its former beauty, which is illuminated by searchlights. You can also relax in the evening by riding on the Moskva River on river trams.

It is clear that it is impossible to see even a small fraction of Moscow's sights in a few days. After all, these are numerous museums, and the Arbat, and the Alexander Garden, and the Botanical Garden, and Poklonnaya Gora, and much, much more..

The main thing is that the days spent in Moscow become a source of unforgettable impressions for you..