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US Treatment

US Treatment

The largest number of specialists workingin the field of medicine in the world - it is the staff of the United States of America clinics. 16% of GDP is spent on the development and maintenance of the medical industry, and the costs of research exceed these numbers in any other country. This American scientists have become the winners of the prestigious medical prizes more often, but because treatment in the United States with more and more Russian citizens are selected each year.

important rules

The main principle of treatment in the United States isthat the doctor and the patient - partners, and all methods of diagnosis, methods of treatment and rehabilitation options are not assigned without prior discussion by both parties.

Initial examination of the patient and purpose of treatmentor a referral to a medical specialist are the responsibility of the family doctor. Hospital care is provided for emergency medical or routinely. Anyone seeking treatment in the US - is paid, regardless of the clinical type, age, or condition of the patient. Overpower the treatment of chronic or serious illness without health insurance the average American can not afford.

How to help here?

The vast majority of the population hashealth insurance, paid either by the employer or on their own. The minimum amount of monthly payments - not less than $ 300 per person. Any treatment in the US without insurance provides for one hundred percent payment of all services provided by the patient.

Methods and Achievements

Scientific and practical development of the USDoctors confidently brought in the leading position in the world, several areas of medicine that are most in demand, and the inhabitants of Russia, traveling for treatment in the United States:

  • Organ transplantation.
  • The treatment of oncological diseases.
  • Orthopedics.
  • Heart Surgery.
  • Plastic surgery.

All these areas of medicine guarantee the best results for the treatment and further rehabilitation of patients.

No less popular among Russian citizens and othercountries and childbirth in the United States. It was in Miami and Boston clinics prefer to give birth wealthy Russians, explaining his desire to comfortable conditions of the hospital, a high level of medical care and professional support in the event of obstetric complications.

Price issue

Prices for medical services largely depend on theclinics, doctors, and other factors. Chest X-ray, for example, costs about $ 50, and day in a separate box with an ambulance carrying the MRI, CT, and power is quite "pull" at $ 700. Genera without complications cost about 4-6 thousand. $, Depending on whether natural or surgically they will receive. The bonus will be automatically newborn US citizenship, which in the future will open up interesting prospects for study and work.


  • US Treatment
  • US Treatment
  • US Treatment

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