Macao Beach: photos, videos. The best sandy beaches in Macau (China)

Macau Beaches

Macau Beaches

China attracted adventurers from all over thelight, regardless of color, religion or other cultural characteristics. There are many monuments, the most famous hosts exhibitions of artwork, as well as a huge number of stunning beaches, whose warm sand tickling your feet nice. Unique city Macau mixed in two cultures: Chinese classical originality and authentic Portugal. Macao Beach - the same pride of the country, as well as its glorious history.

Features Macao beaches

Since the beaches are a huge number, for convenience, all of them can be divided into several categories:

  1. beaches for families with children;
  2. beaches for eco-recreation;
  3. beaches for youth recreation;
  4. beaches for lovers of romance;
  5. beaches for those who want to be treated during the holidays.

Rest with children

We can not say that Macau aims toIt is considered a good family resort, but many local beaches are good for bathing a small child. It is necessary to take into account the climatic features of the resort: the summer is very hot and humid, and winter - sunny, but cold enough. Fans of family vacations are often advised to Coloane Beach because its infrastructure allows you to have a good rest for both adults and children. There are playgrounds for the game of golf and tennis, stables, barbecue area, as well as the zoo, aviary with birds and children's playgrounds.

Suggestions for violent youth

Youth will also be something to do. Top Macau sandy beaches offer a million opportunities to play at the casino, exercise extreme sports or to try the national cuisine. Nightlife here is very rough, barely remitting the morning, so fans of dance will not have long to find something to do. It is also sometimes held here horse and dog racing and bullfights. Young people like to relax in Macau also because here are held the legendary Formula 3 competition. If you're tired of gambling, you can visit interesting excursions to historical places.

Macau - the land of health and romance

Many vacationers come to Macau justso that traditional Chinese medicine has fans around the world. You can pass the procedure of acupuncture, massage, or enjoy a unique herbal pass rate. Proponents also find a romantic pastime in Macau own paradise. For example, you can climb the highest TV tower and see the city from above, tightly holding hands. You can also together engage in extreme sports, as instructors are waiting for you at every beach.

Photos Macau beaches

  • Macau Beaches
  • Macau Beaches
  • Macau Beaches
  • Macau Beaches

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