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The best restaurants in Almaty

The best restaurants in Almaty

Almaty - now the city is poetically calledSouth capital of Kazakhstan. The official title given to the country's main city Astana. But the beautiful architecture, historical monuments and ancient culture did not disappear. Therefore, the city is still a lot of tourists who are interested in not only the past but also the present day. How to live a modern inhabitant of Almaty, where fun, what restaurants you prefer?

Almost in Italy

Many visitors, once in the restaurant Grand Opera,the first moment forget that are at the heart of Asia. Many impression that they are in the center of Europe, in one of the inspirational restaurant with a long tradition and history. This is not only a restaurant but also a hotel. If a guest suddenly clear up and not want to go home, he might find room to your liking. Kitchen combines East and West, even exotic Japanese dishes can be found on the menu.

This restaurant has a separate room for fansdancing, karaoke room, a terrace, where a very good rest in a hot summer day. Special attention of the visitors enjoying the coffee shop, serving fragrant strong coffee, brewed in the best traditions of the East.

Restaurant for cool people

The abbreviated name of the institution 'Lives of Outstanding People "It stands for "Life of Remarkable People". A sense of humor did not disappoint those who gave the name of the restaurant is. Now there is no release from the visitors who really feel welcome here, loved, honored guests.

In this restaurant many options accommodate visitors:

  • choose a table in the hall;
  • exit to the terrace;
  • to hide from prying eyes on the veranda;
  • take a seat on the balcony with gorgeous panoramic views.

Oriental tale

The restaurant "Alash" reminiscent of oriental palaces with theirrich décor and mysteries. Where you can find a huge banquet halls and secluded Khan gazebo room for hookah and quinces, room closed only on three sides. But it attracts many guests in the restaurant and hospitality, an infinite respect for each guest and a true oriental generosity. In the menu you can find skewers of lamb, delicious pilaf, traditional Kazakh cakes.

For dessert, of course, will be served fresh fruit andberries are so rich in Kazakhstan, and the famous oriental delicacies. This place is a real life seems to be a beautiful fairy tale, there is a place where good food, singing birds, gurgling mountain stream and charming dances.


  • The best restaurants in Almaty
  • The best restaurants in Almaty
  • The best restaurants in Almaty

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