Streets of Almaty - photo, name. List of famous streets of Almaty

Streets of Almaty

Almaty is an interesting city with ancient history and beautiful nature. The cultural and scientific life of Kazakhstan is concentrated here. The streets of Almaty amaze with a variety of historical monuments and architectural structures. This city is home to popular theaters, famous museums and the best educational institutions of the country..

The most famous places in the city

During the existence of Almaty, its streets were renamed three times. The massive change in their names occurred due to political processes. The last time it was renamed was in 1997. During this period, streets marked in honor of batyrs, khans, and scientists of the past began to appear on the map. For example, Abai Avenue previously existed as Arychnaya Street. It began at the monument to Abai and stretched to Sain street.

There are many wide streets, beautiful squares, gardens, parks and original buildings in Almaty. There are places in the city where exotic plants, brought from the Crimea, the Far East, and North America, grow. There is an international airport in the northeastern part of the metropolis. From the center you can get there in half an hour.

The main thoroughfares of the city: Dostyk Avenue, Abay Avenue, Raiymbek Street. The central streets of Almaty run in the north-south direction. Avenues and streets run perpendicular to such highways, separated by sections of 150 m. The largest square of the city is the Republic Square, where the Independence Monument is located. In this place is the building of the local administration, one of the residences of the President and the location of the Kazakh television. Dostyk Avenue was chosen by all kinds of companies that have occupied business centers. In the very center of the city there are offices of the country's major banks: Narodny, ATF-Bank, Kazkommertsbank. This avenue is also the location of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange..

Local Attractions

Almaty is famous for its numerous fountains - there are 120 of them in the city. The fountains, together with the extensive irrigation system, form a developed water complex. There are a lot of monuments on the streets of Almaty dedicated to outstanding people and significant events. Each monument is unique and is an exceptional project of sculptors.

The central mosque of the city is located at the intersection of Mametova and Pushkin streets. It is an important part of the Almaty panorama. The mosque is designed for 7 thousand visitors and is distinguished by the lack of pomp. One of the most attractive buildings with a hyperbolic dome is located on Abai Avenue - this is the Kazakh State Circus.

Photos of Almaty streets