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Tajik Railways

Tajik Railways

The railway sector is an importanteconomic sector in Tajikistan. Landlocked country does not have, which leads to an increased load on the rail. Railways are used to transport most of the cargo. There are 3 g / d line: central, northern and southern. Northern Line is used for transit transportation, urban - for the importation of imported goods.

State Railways

The railway network in Tajikistan is underthe control of the state operator "Tajik Railways". An obstacle in the way of development of the network is the topographic factor. Tajik Railways worn locomotives too little. In addition, w / d system of the country depends on the railways of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Therefore, cars and buses in Tajikistan are more popular than trains. Road sphere is more reasonable and perfect.

Enterprise "Tajik Railways"insufficient funds to invest in the railway system. The company has set itself important goals: expansion of the network, providing comfortable conditions for passengers, convenient ticket system. Currently, the country supports international transportation to CIS countries.

Railways of Tajikistan stretches for 1260km. Main Roads occupy almost 680 km. The country has 33 w / station. Along a route preference is given to air traffic. Difficult terrain is a significant obstacle to the development of the internal w / d messages.

The country has a complex relationship with Uzbekistan,which is located nearby. This further aggravates the situation on the railway. Direct communication is not between the capital of Tajikistan (Dushanbe) and Khujand (the largest city in the country). Territorial rail links is not supported and the Sughd region.

Tours and Tickets

Today, there are two main routes: from Dushanbe to Khujand, in transit through Uzbekistan; from Kurgan-Tube in Khujand, through Uzbekistan. These lines are only formally Tajik. In reality, the transit takes place under the control of the authorities of Uzbekistan. The compositions, following on these routes, cross Uzbekistan and a small part of Turkmenistan. Therefore, passengers have to transit visa Turkmenistan. Visa-free transit is allowed for citizens of Tajikistan. The rest of the passengers need a visa.

Directions to Tajik trains are cheap. The average ticket price for a place in the coupe is $ 25 in the reserved seat - $ 15. View the schedule and prices at the following websites zhdonlayn.rf., Ticketclick.ru and others.


  • Tajik Railways
  • Tajik Railways

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