Tajik cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of national cuisine of Tajikistan

Tajik cuisine

Tajik cuisine

Despite the fact that the cuisine of Tajikistan has similar features to the gastronomic traditions of the peoples of Central and Central Asia, it is colorful and unique.

National cuisine of Tajikistan

The basis of Tajik cuisine is meat dishes made from horse meat, lamb, goat meat. The first courses deserve special attention - for their preparation, meat or inert broth is used, less often milk or vegetable broth. So, you can try “naryn” (soup with horse meat or smoked lamb, noodles, peppers and onions) or “shavlya” (soup with rice, onions, lamb, carrots, peppers).

It should be noted that salads and first courses are often seasoned with kaymak, kurut, and suzma. As for spices, local dishes are seasoned with barberry, saffron, anise, cumin, red pepper, as well as spicy herbs in the form of parsley, rajhona, cilantro, dill, green onions, and mint. In Tajikistan, before lunch, it is compulsory to serve vegetable snacks or salads - zucchini, eggplant, radish, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots are used.

Since it is customary to end the meal with dessert, you will be offered to feast on liquid halva with nuts, almonds, vanilla and pistachios (“halvaitar”), sugar mass with whipped cream and soapy root in the form of a cream (“nishallo”), traditional local sweets (“pichak”).

Popular dishes of Tajik cuisine:

  • “osh-tuglama” (a dish in the form of rice porridge with boiled lamb, carrots and onions);
  • “sambusa barracks” (puff pastry pies with meat filling);
  • “kaurdak” (roast, which is cooked with lamb, potatoes, tomatoes, sautéed roots, onions and peppers);
  • “shahlet” (Tajik cabbage rolls).

Where to try Tajik cuisine?

There are many catering establishments in Tajikistan - they are found almost on every corner. It is recommended to satisfy hunger in Dushanbe in “Amonjon” (in this teahouse from national dishes you will be offered to taste shashlik, manti and pilaf, and if you wish, here you can enjoy a hookah in a cozy atmosphere) or “Dilkushod” (this teahouse pleases visitors with tandoor cakes, lagman cooked according to old recipes, pilaf, tea, oriental sweets, enchanting music).

Cooking courses in Tajikistan

Cooking courses for those who wish can be held in one of the catering establishments (specify in advance when and what time they will be held). If you are interested in homemade Tajik cuisine, accept the invitation of a local resident to visit (show interest in national dishes and ask to take part in their preparation).

You can visit Tajikistan during the Culinary Festival (September, Dushanbe), guests of which will be able to taste dishes from different cuisines of the world, including Tajik, at affordable prices.


  • Tajik cuisine
  • Tajik cuisine
  • Tajik cuisine