Streets of Gagra - photo, name. List of famous streets in Gagra

Streets of Gagra

Streets of Gagra

Abkhazia is a real find for tourists of all ages. This land combines a rich history, unspoiled wildlife and almost limitless possibilities for interesting and exciting leisure activities. The famous resort of Gagra is especially popular among tourists. Warm clean sea, medicinal springs, special local flavor and excellent national cuisine - thanks to this, the streets of Gagra welcome more and more tourists every year..

For those who are in this city for the first time and have not yet managed to draw up a travel map, it is best to start exploring the resort from its most famous places. These include: Cherkesskaya street; Ardzinba avenue; eucalyptus alley; embankment.

Circassian street

This street runs through the northeastern part of the city. It starts from Ardzinba Avenue and ends with a road to Mount Mamzishku. Part of the street is occupied by low-rise private houses, and besides them there are many inexpensive hotels, cafes and restaurants..

Ardzinba Avenue

It attracts those looking for famous cultural monuments and beautiful sights. Following this route, you can meet the famous Abaata fortress and visit the local history museum, which contains the entire history of the country, starting from the first contacts of the Abkhaz tribes with the Russian people.

Eucalyptus alley

One of the most striking sights of the Old Gagra area. The majestic eucalyptus alley is planted along the main highway of Gagra - Nartaa Street. This was done at the beginning of the 20th century, when eucalyptus trees were brought to the Caucasian Black Sea region specifically to combat malaria. Eucalyptus is able to quickly absorb a significant amount of moisture and evaporate it in huge quantities, already saturated with phytoncides that suppress pathogenic microorganisms.

According to experienced tourists, it is best to walk along the alley after the rain, when the unique scent of eucalyptus leaves is in the air. There are many shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and various entertainment establishments along the alley, so when you get tired of walking you can always find a place to relax. Well, for those who want to take unforgettable photos, it is better to visit the seaside park and the famous colonnade.

Gagra embankment

The embankment street is also of great interest to tourists. Recently, the authorities have invested heavily in the creation of a single entertainment complex here, so now this place is suitable not only for those who prefer leisurely walks along the picturesque sea coast, but also for lovers of more active pastime..

Photos of Gagra streets

  • Streets of Gagra
  • Streets of Gagra
  • Streets of Gagra