Rest in Sukhumi - photo. Summer vacation in Sukhumi 2015

Rest in Sukhumi

Rest in Sukhumi

Rest in Sukhumi is an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature (palm trees, oleanders, eucalyptus trees grow on the territory of the city), sea air, warm sea, various entertainments.

The main types of recreation in Sukhumi

  • Sightseeing: as part of excursion tours, you will walk along the Makhajirs Embankment and the Park of Glory, as well as along the Theater Square, decorated with fountains; you will see the Annunciation Cathedral, the Lighthouse, the Great Abkhaz wall, the ruins of the Bagrat castle; visit the Abkhaz State Museum, the Monkey Nursery, the Botanical Garden, on the Baslet Bridge.
  • Beachfront: the Central Beach is perfect for relaxation, where there are breakwaters overlooking the sea, cafes, catamarans for rent, water attractions, as well as Agudzersky beach, which is equipped with changing cabins and a cafe. If convenience is not important to you, then you can go to the pebble “Canine” beach located in the city center. Those wishing to relax on the sandy beach should visit Sinop Beach with a gentle entrance to the sea. There is everything for a comfortable stay - a cafe, a shower, sun lounger rental, water attractions.
  • Active: if you wish, you can ride a banana or a jet ski, cycle, walk or walk on a motor ship, go snorkeling.
  • Wellness: for those wishing to improve their health in Sukhumi there are sanatoriums with swimming pools and a full range of medical and preventive services (some are located on the coast). It should be noted that the most popular therapeutic procedures are oil and herbal inhalations, mud and radon baths..

Prices for tours to Sukhumi

It is best to rest in Sukhumi from the end of May to the beginning of October. In the high season (June-August) there is an increase in the cost of vouchers by an average of 15-20%. From the point of view of economy and comfortable weather, it is worth going to Sukhumi in September-October (at this time the prices for tours to Sukhumi are very attractive). And by renting a house in the private sector, you can save even more money.

On a note!

If you come on vacation in your personal car, it must be registered with the Abkhaz traffic police, while paying a fee (the price depends on the brand of the car). The criminal situation in Sukhumi is quite calm, so you can safely move around the city in the evening and at night. But it is advisable to deposit money and valuables in the safe of the hotel or boarding house..

From rest in the Abkhaz capital, it is worth bringing spices, adjika, tea, medicinal herbs, honey, souvenirs from bamboo, clay and wicker vine, bottles in the form of a dagger or saber filled with chacha, wine or cognac, products made of seashells and colored glass.

Photos of rest in Sukhumi

  • Rest in Sukhumi
  • Rest in Sukhumi
  • Rest in Sukhumi