Water parks in Sukhumi - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Sukhumi

Water parks in Sukhumi

Although Sukhumi does not have its own water park, travelers can visit the only water park in Abkhazia - it is located in Gagra.

At the disposal of the guests of the Gagra water park are:

  • 7 swimming pools (they are filled with both sea and fresh water: among them the Jacuzzi pool, the pool with the effect of sea waves and others stand out), around which umbrellas and sun loungers are installed;
  • slides “Turn”, “Wave”, “Multislide” and others;
  • a children's area with a pool, no more than 0.5 m deep, a slide, a mushroom (water flows from its hat), a pirate ship and a fountain in the shape of a dolphin;
  • parking, changing rooms, bathrooms, storage rooms, cafe-bar with satellite TV.

Fans of nightlife should come here after 20:00 - they will have a disco and an entertainment program, accompanied by performances by musicians. In June, entrance for adult guests will cost 800 rubles, and from July - 900 rubles; small 4-10 year olds - 500 rubles in June, and from July - 600 rubles.

Water activities in Sukhumi

On vacation in Sukhumi, do you want to swim in the pool every day? You should stay in a hotel with a pool - “Viva maria”, “Hotel Atrium-Victoria”, villa “Sun” and in other hotels.

Beach lovers can go to the Central City Beach (there are a lot of breakwaters, so big waves do not rise on the beach, which is important for relaxing with kids) - it will delight them with restaurants and water attractions.

If you decide to relax on the Sinop beach, you will be able to ride a banana or jet ski, parachute over the sea, go on a yacht or boat trip. As for young travelers, they will be able to jump on a trampoline on this beach. If you wish, you can relax on the Mayak beach - there are barbecues, showers and changing cabins. And besides, on this beach you can meet dolphins, as they often swim in its water area..

You are interested in “wild” beaches where you can sunbathe almost alone? Go to the beach “Gumista” (it is covered with a sand and pebble mixture).

Sukhumi will also delight diving enthusiasts: in the Sukhumi Bay, they will be offered to explore the ruins of the ancient city of Dioscuria, which once existed on this territory - the underwater ruins are located at a depth of 15 meters, so even novice divers can see them (the hospitality service is involved in the organization of underwater travel “Apsny” - it will start after the briefing and will last about 1 hour). Experienced divers will be offered to dive from a boat to explore the sunken Soviet ship - in wartime it was used to transport refugee children from Novorossiysk to Sukhumi (the children were rescued, but the ship was sunk by fascist fighters).


  • Water parks in Sukhumi
  • Water parks in Sukhumi