Coast of Abkhazia: photos, description

Coast of Abkhazia

Coast of Abkhazia

Holidays on the coast of Abkhazia will delight travelers with relatively low prices: accommodation and meals at local resorts are cheaper than at Russian resorts.

Resorts of Abkhazia on the coast (benefits of relaxation)

At the resorts of the Black Sea coast of Abkhazia, you can enjoy high-quality beaches (swimming season - May-October), come here for sanatorium-resort treatment (in Sukhumi and Gagra there are large sanatoriums and boarding houses that use mineral waters for medicinal purposes), admire waterfalls and ancient Christian temples, explore the Krubera-Voronya cave, conquer mountain stormy rivers during raft tours.

Cities and resorts of Abkhazia on the coast

  • Pitsunda: at your service is the Central Beach, equipped with changing rooms, showers, sun loungers and umbrellas (supporters of secluded relaxation should be located in the western or eastern part of the coastline - as a rule, there are not so many people resting here, and you can hide from the sun under the shade of coniferous forests ). If you are not averse to relaxing on a nude beach, look for it between guesthouses “Pitius” and “Literary Fund”. In addition, in Pitsunda you can go on a mini-cruise on a motor ship, see the cathedral of the X century, fly on a hang-glider, go to the waterfalls “Maiden tears” and “Men's tears”.
  • Sukhumi: the resort has a central city beach (equipped with breakwaters, attractions, cafes), beaches of sanatoriums “Strategic Missile Forces” and “MVO” (on these sandy and pebble beaches you will find volleyball courts, sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, and you can also fly by parachute - you will have to pay to enter the beach), an arboretum, a monkey nursery, Bagrat Castle.
  • Gagra: here you will find a water park with spiral slides and slides with parallel paths, children's slides, swimming pools, sun loungers; local climatic sanatoriums “Amra”, “Gagra”, “named after Chelyuskintsev”, and you can also see the ruins of the Abaat fortress and the castle of the Prince of Oldenburg, go on a boat trip on a motor catamaran, on the Central Beach in Novaya Gagra (nearby are tennis courts, a water park with water attractions, a stadium) and the beach in Staraya Gagra (suitable for a secluded holiday without hustle and bustle).
  • New Athos: here you can explore the New Athos cave, spend time on the beaches of the hotel “Near the monastery” (gentle entrance to the sea, small pebbles, there is a cafe, you can ride a catamaran or a banana) and a boarding house “Mandarin” (there is a grocery store, a rental point, where you should definitely rent a kayak for riding along the coast).

Do you want to relax your body and soul? Feel free to go to the resorts of the coast of Abkhazia.


  • Coast of Abkhazia
  • Coast of Abkhazia